Student Media Board

January 24, 2014, 1 p.m.



Present:  L. Bishop, E. Bonza, R. Burel, T. Grindel, A. Mowrey, J. Ratchford, B. Maher, B. Murphy, S. Wiltse


The meeting was called to order at 1:08 p.m.


·      T. Grindel asked if anyone had an issue with the remaining monthly meetings dates; no one did.

·      T. Grindel said she spoke to the COM faculty at their meeting this week and said that the culture of student media needs to change and that the change should begin with the Department of Communication. She said the Student Media Board and student editors/GM are working to improve the quality of all student media, but that attracting quality writers and editors is an ongoing challenge. She encouraged all COM faculty to promote KSU student media among their students; Professor Azriel suggested that the writing instructors require their students to submit X-number of articles to student media as part of the course requirements.

·       T. Grindel suggested the board look at the bylaws, especially as they pertain to board membership and tenure. Several positions on the board are vacant and a couple of student representatives do not attend meetings. J. Ratchford said he would address the issue of student representatives not participating. Regarding the two-year tenure of staff/faculty members, Grindel said she was concerned about the lack of continuity on the board and having an active board that would work to help student media achieve their goals. J. Ratchford asked E. Bonza to form a task force to review the bylaws for possible revisions since the bylaws haven’t been revised since 2005. He said the task force could recommend different term limits if deemed appropriate. A discussion among the board members resulted in suggestions that the board include a representative from Visual Arts and English. J. Ratchford suggested the board not fill vacant seats until after the bylaws are reviewed/revised.

·      The board discussed the possibility of holding a Student Media Awards Banquet this year. All student media representatives voted to hold one. Possible dates in April were discussed. E. Bonza said he would send out a Doodle poll to get input on a date. A. Mowrey said she would send budget figures to the board so we can see if we have any money in the budget to put toward the banquet.

·      Based on previous discussions, T. Grindel asked if each student media group could put into writing the mentoring hierarchy discussed for grooming individuals for editor/GM positions. It was suggested that such a hierarchy be addressed by the task force reviewing the bylaws.

·      T. Grindel asked the editors/GM if they could provide her with a short blurb about their media group and their staffing needs so she can begin recruiting candidates through the COM department. 

·      The group discussed some possible events that student media could sponsor/be involved in on campus. A Student Media Week had been mentioned at a previous meeting, and E. Bonza mentioned a Constitution Week. No decisions were made, but everyone agreed

that the various departments/organizations on campus that deal with communication should work together for the benefit of student media.

·      The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, Feb., 28 at 1 p.m.


The meeting adjourned at 2 p.m.


Submitted by Tricia Grindel, Chair