Dear Student Media Board members,

Below is the minutes of our September 20, 2013 meeting. Please review and let me know of any errors.

If you wish additional information, please do not hesitate to contact board chair Tricia Grindel or myself.

Ed Bonza

Associate Director of Student Life

  for Student Media

Kennesaw State University

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Student Media Board

Wednesday, September 20, 2013


Present: T. Grindel, B. Murphy, L. Bishop, S. Wiltsee, , E. Bonza

Absent: E. Fuller, R. Burel,  T. Duke

Excused: J. Ratchford,  E. Wells, A. Douglas, A. Mowrey

1.) The meeting was called to order by board chair T. Grindel at 11:15 am and introduced the new member S. Wiltsee to the other board members. Because there was no quorum, the agenda was tabled, and instead the chair led open, informal discussion on the following topics:

• Setting up a standing SMB meeting day and time for regular monthly meetings

• Editor in Chief / General Manager requirements

• The Editor in Chief / General Manager selection proccess

• A mid-year workshop for all KSUSM groups, to be led by the SMB

• A mentoring process by which new editors could be “groomed” by current management

• The feasibility of a collaboration project or course to better train editors. This would be a collaboration between KSUSM, the Communication Department, and University Relations

T. Grindel also asked the board to review the current bylaws (attached) and consider edits and changes.

E. Bonza agreed to research editor requirements and selection and bring his findings back to the board.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:20p.m.