Student Media Board


February 21, 2008


Dr. Nancy King, Joshua Azriel, Dr. Laura Dabundo, Michelle Azriel, Cedric Meyers, Jessica Edens, Zach Voss, Ed Bonza

The 3rd meeting of the 2007-2008 academic year was called to order by J. Azriel at 11:02 a.m. 

Updates were given by C. Meyers (OWL Radio), J. Edens (Sentinel), Z. Voss (New Media Group). J. Kreitzer was absent (excused) and sent in her update prior to the meeting (attached). E. Bonza gave the update for Share magazine.

Two candidates for the board's open ISA/AASA rep position (Lucy Dazilma and Kari Bowen) were not present; an appointment was tabled.

Discussion of an alumni position for the SMB was initiated by J. Azriel. After discussion it was decided to investigate the additional SMB position 'in principle.' D. Dabundo made the motion.  M. Azriel seconded. FOR: 6. AGAINST: 0. ABSTAIN: 1. Motion passed.

Future co-chair appointments for the 2008-09 academic year were discussed and further action was moved to the next meeting.

Meeting times for interviewing Sentinel, Share, Talon EICs, President for New Media Group and OWL Radio GM and Program Director were then discussed and set. Due to the number of candidates, the Board set two dates: Thursday, March 27 and Thursday, April 10. Both meetings are at 11 a.m. Location to be announced. Online application activated - for further information:

The meeting was adjourned at 12:17 p.m.


TO: KSU Student Media Board members

FROM: Jen Kreitzer, Talon EIC

DATE: February 21, 2008

RE: Talon update

I apologize for not being able to be at today’s meeting – I severely strained the muscles in my lower back and it’s extremely hard for me to walk and sit for extended periods of time. I’ve been on bed rest most of this week and I hope to feel better soon!

Here’s the update on Talon: being completely new to student media at KSU and having almost a completely new editorial staff, I had a few curveballs thrown my way in regards to issue length and layout, and also regular editor-in-chief duties. However, our first issue is finally off to the printer, and although it took longer than originally envisioned, it is something the Talon staff and I are extremely proud of. We’ve made a few subtle layout changes and a few section changes, and I think all of you (the SMB) will be very pleased with the issue. This issue, instead of being the Fall 07 issue, is now the Winter 08 issue.

Currently, we are working on the Spring 08 issue. This issue is on schedule to have the layout completed by April 1st and to be in print in May. I’ve set a hard schedule that will guarantee hitting the target date; the schedule is as follows:

February 25: First draft articles DUE

February 26: First drafts distributed to section editors to read for content and will contact writers if more information or a re-write is needed; also send to layout for drafting spreads

February 29: Drafts to copy writers for structure and fact-checks

March 6: Drafts due to EIC for final edits

March 9: Staff meeting

March 10: Final drafts to layout editor

April 1: Send-off target date

Talon also now has a promotions manager who is also in charge of ensuring racks around campus are filled. 

We’re excited about our upcoming issue (our theme is “growth,” which ties in with spring and also all the new changes around campus) and we have a lot of interesting feature articles in the works, including topics such as the vote in 2008, Kennesaw Activities Board, “blossoming” local filmmakers, new Greek organizations, and the $100 Mac laptops. 

Although my year as EIC will be up at the end of July, we are also considering a “what’s where…” edition in the summer. This will be a considerably smaller issue, but is also one that can be issued each summer as a guide to incoming freshman with tips about living on campus, getting around the classes, buying books, where students hang out, etc. This issue is still in the planning stages, and will be printed in July if we decide to move forward.

I’d be happy to address any questions or comments regarding Talon. Please e-mail me at  HYPERLINK "", and I will return your email as soon as possible.


Jen Kreitzer

Talon Editor-in-Chief, 2007-08