Below is the minutes for our 3-1-07 meeting. Please review and let me know of any errors.

As discussed, applications have been created for three positions. I plan on announcing the start of the station Monday, March 12, as well as begin accepting applications. They are online but not yet actually 'live.' You may review them at:

OWL Radio General Manager (Deadline for applications: March 27, 2007)

Program Director (Deadline for applications: March 27, 2007)

On air / DJ

OWL Radio FAQs

To Listen:

I will now attempt to schedule meetings for the OWL Radio Executive Board to work on the staff structure, training and manual, as well as screening of GM & PD applications.

A date for our next meeting was not set; chairs will be in contact to schedule these.

Thank you for your support of student media. If you wish additional information, please do not hesitate to call me at 470-578-3083 or email me.



Student Media Board


March 1, 2007


Joshua Azriel, Dr. nancy King, Nicole Phillips, Kayla Press, Alice Audu, Dr. Laura Dabundo, Heidi Paruta, Carolyn McCully, Ed Bonza

Guest: Chris Lewis, Asst. Director, PTD


Carolyn McCully


Jonathan Edman, David Dalton

The 3rd meeting of the 2006-2007 academic year was called to order by Co Chair Joshua Azriel at 12:35 p.m. 

The previous minutes (2-8-07) were reviewed. A correction was made; Heidi Paruta, Carolyn McCully & Ed Bonza were not absent, but in attendance. A motion was made by Dabundo with a second by Press for approval of the minutes. Motion carried.

Bonza updated the board regarding the campus wide distribution policy Work has been delayed due to other items on the agenda. 

A motion was made by Paruta with a second by Dabundo to officially confirm Carolyn McCully and Dr. Azriel as SMB Co Chairs. Motion carried.

The board discussed the Hazelwood and Hosty v. Carter rulings and the need for a clear public forum statement. A motion was made by Dabundo and seconded by Press that Bonza draft a statement to be reviewed by the SMB, brought to SABAC, and included in all KSU student publications. Motion carried.

Lewis updated the board on all technological aspects of OWL Radio.

Bonza then proposed:

1.) The appointment of a temporary committee (the Owl Radio Executive Board), charged with transitioning the station from technical/administrative control to students' hands. Primarily, this committee will

a.) conduct the first screening of General Manager and Program Director applications (the SMB will conduct final interviews), 

b.) create a training program/process for entry level on-air staff, and 

c.) create/approve a station manual and organizational chart, to be given to the SMB for final approval.

This committee or Executive Board should include the Student Media adviser, Stephen J. McNeill &, Dr. Joshua Azriel, (dept. of Communication), a representative appointed from/by PTD, the student General Manager & Program Director (when selected) and/or any other members assigned by the SMB. This committee should plan on being dissolved at the end of six months unless circumstances demand otherwise.

2.) That the SMB approve the creation & selection of two student positions (as opposed to the one position - editor in chief - of the other organizations): Owl Radio General Manager and Program Director. 

3.) A third position, that of Production Manager (or Technical Director or Chief Engineer) will be a student assistant interviewed, hired and in the employment of the PTD. In addition to all station equipment, hardware, and software, this position will also maintain the computer network and direct the web page staff. This position will be paid from the radio budget and will be the only paid position (until the station can acquire an ongoing budget and bring in revenue).

4.) Propose that the SMB give the student media adviser approval to announce the official start of Owl Radio after spring break, and initiate the application process for the two top positions and on-air staff. 

a.) The manager & director positions will serve one year terms expiring, like the other editor positions, at the end of June.

b.) In this specific situation, these positions will only serve 3 months. Propose that the SMB decide whether to continue their term through to the next June 30, or if they will need to reapply.

Dabundo recommended that these specifics be made clear in the application process; Bonza agreed.

Regarding term limits, Press suggested increasing the term limits to 2 years for consistency. Discussed, but no motion made.

Azriel said he would assist the Executive Board with screening applications, but would leave the other work to the remaining members. He recommended that Audu serve on this board. He also discussed an 18 month timeline for the station.

Phillips moved that the board approve these proposals as a package with the afore mentioned changes. King seconded. Motion carried.

A date for the next meeting (March 22) was discussed, but made tentative, as the board will need to attend a special called meeting to interview radio candidates.  

The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 p.m.

(Please review and let me know of any errors)