March 27 2002 Meeting.

Members Present:

Dr. Keisha L Hoerrner

Ed Bonza

Kort Peterson

Jessica Bremmer

Jeff Sexton

Jennifer Hafer

Excused: Dr. Nancy King, Jill Cox

Absent: Aidan Goodvin, Kenneth Adams, Ms. Charmayne Richardson


John Legg

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Keisha Hoerrner at 2 pm. A quorum was present.

The latest draft of the Board's bylaws were discussed. The only additional discussion on the current draft was concerning the term limits for student editors and the station manager. Peterson made a motion to extend the possible term limits for student editor/manager positions to two (2) years. Hafer seconded. After discussion the motion passed 5-0.

Sexton moved that the bylaws as a whole be accepted. The motion passed 5-0.

The Editor's Checklist was discussed and approved after editing.

Peterson motioned to adjourn. Sexton seconded. The meeting was adjourned.