Student Media Board


April 20, 2006


Jonathan Edman, Dr. Nancy King. Dr. Laura Dabundo,  Dr. Nikhil Moro, Nicole Phillips, Chris Hough, Dave Dalton, Brent Ashworth, Colleen Wells, Ed Bonza.


Jason Nimer, Carolyn McCully,  Peter Benson, Danielle Flynn (editor applicants), Heidi Paruta (member & applicant).


Angelique Folabit.

The meeting (2006-07 EIC selection) was called to order at  9:04 am. 

As no guests were present, the board elected to move directly to interviews, forgoing the the open forum. Formal interviews with the five (5) candidates were called to order by J. Edman.  H. Paruta went first, (9:07 am) followed by J. Nimer (9:24 am), P. Benson (9:49 am), C. McCully (10:10 am) and D. Flynn (10:39 am).

After questions the board moved into closed deliberations at 10:54 am. As Ms. Paruta was uncontested and was reapplying, her reappointment for the 2006-07 term was unanimous. 

Due to a room conflict, the board moved the the student media conference room in the student center Room 277 and discussion continued. Wells & Moro had prior engagements and left proxy votes. 

C. McCully was selected as Share editor for 2006-2007.

J. Nimer was selected as Sentinel editor for the Summer/Fall term (July - Dec. 2006) with the following stipulations:

•  as the requirements for the various EICs may be waived as necessary due to a lack of fully qualified candidates

•  as GPA is the only requirement which Nimer does not meet

• SMB contingency was based upon his GPA improving to meet that minimum requirement

• the Board Secretary will review the candidates GPA once grades are entered. If Mr. Nimer does not meet the minimum requirement of an adjusted 2.5 GPA, the board will meet and take action.

Candidates were called back in and the decisions announced by Chair J. Edman at 11:45 am. 

The meeting was adjourned.

During further discussion via email (April 24, 2006) between board members, C. Hough wished to consider a formal resolution of the SMB decision editor selection decisions. A formal motion was made by L. Dabundo. The motion was seconded by D. Dalton. 

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