April 26 2005 Meeting


Nancy King, Melissa Spielhotz (also a candidate), Jennifer Hafer, Kiki

Amanatidis, Loretta Garrett. Marsha Cohen, Kenyon Moore, Ashlie Adler,

Jenny Cotton, Ed Bonza, Nikhil Moro (arrived late; 4:05 p.m.), Heidi

Paruta (candidate), Brent Ashworth (candidate).

Absent: None.

Excused: None


Matt Gammon, Colleen Wells, Tara O'Shea, Kim Everhart, Jason Nimer,

Grant Voyles, Jonathan Edman, Christopher Hough, Shannon Thompson, Jon


Bethany Nall, Bonnie Scott, Stewart Adams, Robert Connelly, James

Touchton, Thomas Cotton, Latoya Cole, Jarid Ison, Nick Mracek, Tommy


The meeting was called to order by J. Hafer at 3 pm. and went

immediately into the open forum segment. Questions were opened to all

guests; SMB members were asked to refrain.  Questions were asked, in

order, by M. Cutrona, J. Cryder, R. Connelly, N. Mracek, K. Everhart, J.

Touchton, J. Edman, J. Cotton. Questions were directed to all


The open forum was ended and formal interviews began at 3:23 pm.  M.

Spielhotz went first, followed by M. Prudent at 3:36 pm. B. Ashworth's

(Share applicant) and H. Paruta's (Talon applicant) positions were not

contested; candidates were interviewed together later at 4:29 pm.

After questions the board moved into closed deliberations at 3:45 pm.

J. Hafer made a motion to accept M. Cohen's vote. The motion was

seconded by K. Moore and passed (5/0/0). After discussion, the vote was

called for Sentinel summer/fall '05 editor at 4:24 pm. Votes for M.

Pruden: 4. Votes for M. Spielhotz: 2.

Candidates were called back in at 4:27 pm and the decision announced.

Share and talon candidates were then interviewed together. The vote was

called at 4:45 pm. All in favor, no nays, no abstaining.

The summer/fall 2005 editor of The Sentinel is Meredith Pruden. Share

editor for 2005-06 is Brent Ashworth. 2005-06 Talon editor is Heidi


The meeting was adjourned.