Student Media Board

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Present: T. Grindel, T. DeMel, B. Murphy, L. Bishop, E. Wells, A. Mowrey, M. Emory, E. Bonza

Absent: J. Ratchford,  T. Duke

Excused: M. de St. Aubin

Guest: Alek Searcy

1.) The meeting was called to order by board chair T. Grindel at 1:5pm. Minutes from the Feb. 27 meeting were reviewed and approved. The minutes will be posted to the website shortly.

2.) E. Bonza discussed the selection process for the OWL Radio General Manager. He explained that the Exec Board was always supposed to be a temporary standing committee, and proposed removing the selection of GM from its duties. Bonza felt that it was time to pull the GM hire back to the SMB, just like the other top editors. This would create a greater sense of unity and more consistency. The OWL Radio executive Board would still exist and work more closely with the station, excluding GM selection. The Program Director would be appointed by the GM similar to the other student media.

A motion to return GM selection to the duties of the SMB was made by chair T. Grindel. M. Emory seconded. The motion carried.

3.) A. Mowrey presented a detailed overview of the Student Media budgets with emphasis on the upcoming budget cuts and The Sentinel’s opportunity to not take student fee funding.

4.) B. Murphy presented a comprehensive update of OWL Radio’s goals and organizational/staffing changes. It was decided that her plans would be emailed to the board members for more study and a vote to accept.

5.) The awards banquet (SMAs) was discussed again and members tentatively agreed to some type of get together and recognition ceremony. Student leaders were delegated tasks and asked to report back.

6.) Review of the board’s bylaws was tabled.

7.) Presentation of other unit goals was tabled due to time constraints.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 p.m.