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Class Rank


Adjusted GPA


Major Responsibilities

Goals and Objectives
By submitting this application I am signifying I understand my GPA and KSU standing will be verified by the media adviser. Once the application is received you will be contacted by the adviser via the e-mail address listed in your application.

The top editors and managers of KSUSM are appointed by the Media Board. Other managers, directors and section editors are hired by the student leaders. If interested in these positions, use the Staff Application.

The KSU Student Media Board is not accepting applications for editor in chief or general manager at this time.
Position Requirements:
  • Candidates must be an enrolled KSU student with an adjusted GPA of at least 2.5
  • Have completed at least one semester with a KSU student media organization, or equivalent*
  • Be willing to complete training as assigned
  • Have strong communication skills and ability to motivate staff
  • Maintain office hours (TBD) and hold regular editorial board meetings
  • Be willing to work closely with the student media advisor, advisors, and student media board

*Applicants who have not worked with KSU Student Media are required to meet with the media adviser prior to the interview.

**Your student ID number and GPA are only needed for verification and position requirement purposes. This information will not be shared with SMB members or other students.

For more Information contact the media adviser by e-mail at ebonza@kennesaw.edu or by phone at 470-578-3083