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// Sentinel Accuracy Survey

You were a subject of a recent story in The Sentinel. To increase learning for our staff and better serve our readers, we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Thank for your support of KSUSM.

1) Was the reporter prompt, responsive and courteous? Yes No

2) Was the reporter well prepared for the interview? Yes No

3) Is the article factually correct? If not, what was misstated or misrepresented? Yes No

4) Were you quoted accurately? Yes No

5) Were you treated fairly in this story? Yes No

6) Please rate the quality of this article on a scale of 1-10, ten being the highest quality.
(Is it accurate? objective? fair to all parties?)

7) If you would like to make other comments regarding this story, please do so:

8) Do you have any other news tips or story ideas you would like to share?

9) Please enter your name and title.