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PLEASE NOTE: Because of the summer schedule you may not receive a reply until late June or early July.


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PLEASE NOTE: Because of the summer schedule you may not receive a reply until late June or early July.

If you don’t hear from us soon, please contact the adviser at adviser@ksumedia.com. Don't forget to read and submit the Media Contract after submitting this application.



Any registered KSU student is eligible for membership in KSU Student Media. Fill out the application form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

The KSU Student Media Marketing Team reports to the Assistant Director of Student Media and include hourly paid employees plus commission and volunteers.

DJs or on-air hosts must work with a station team (events, sports, promotions, etc.).

Opinion writers (columnists, reviewers) must first publish objective news stories.

Section editors and managers typically are selected from within the organization.

Scheduled Breaks & Summer: Spring Break is April 4-10, 2015. Last Day of Classes for Spring Semester is April 29, 2015. Final Exams are April 30 - May 6. Summer Terms are May 11 to July 28, 2015. Staff may not respond to your application during these times.

If hired, all staff must submit the Media Contract before working with KSUSM.

Mission: KSU Student Media is dedicated to the support and encouragement of responsible, ethical media to connect, explore and enrich the lives of the university’s many constituencies. It provides an open forum to the campus community for the free expression and exchange of ideas, concerns, issues, trends, and information, and outlets for the KSU community. KSU Student Media provides opportunities for interested students to learn and practice skills in art, journalism, design, production, photography, editing, business, advertising, web authoring, broadcasting, new media and management in a "true to life" setting. It encourages the values of integrity, tenacity, creativity and honesty in the pursuit of excellence.