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// Note: You caught us during summer sessions. The Sentinel’s last issue was April 29.  Talon and Share are less active as well. OWL Radio and our publications are going through year-end management changes. 

Because of this, you may not hear from an editor or manager right away. Rest assured we'll keep your application on file and reach out to you no later than July or before the beginning of fall semester. You may be contacted earlier. //

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If you don’t hear from us within a week, please contact the adviser at adviser@ksumedia.com. Don't forget to read and submit the Media Contract after submitting this application!


Any registered KSU student is eligible for membership. Fill out the application form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

The KSU Student Media Web Team requires its members to have a specific skill set or level of experience with relevant programs. You must be competent in WordPress. Be sure to list this information in the extracurricular experience field below if you wish to join our Web team.

The KSU Student Media Marketing Team reports to the Marketing Manager and are hourly paid employees plus commission.

DJs or on-air hosts must work with a station team (events, sports, promotions, etc.)

Opinion writers (columnists, reviewers) must first publish objective news stories.

Section editors and managers typically are selected from within the organization.

If hired, all staff must submit the Media Contract before working with KSUSM (this form is housed in OwlLife; you will need to login with your NetID).