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ISBN: 978-1-933483-18-4
(Published: Fall 2011)

A. L. Burruss: The Life of a Georgia Politician and a Man to Trust
By Margaret Bennett Walters

About the Book

A. L. Burruss was an extraordinary, compassionate, self-effacing, and personable man. He was the eldest of eleven children and son of a painter and carpenter whose family moved to Smyrna, Georgia in the 1930s. After high school, the Navy trained him as a refrigeration machinist and the imaginative and hard-working Burruss used his skills to start a refrigeration business. Eventually Burruss bought out one of his clients—a partner with Tip Top Poultry in Marietta, Georgia—and helped the company to become immensely successful. Despite his prosperity, Burruss ran for political office as “a way to help others” and achieved political prominence in Cobb County and the Georgia House doing so. This book, filled with images and stories, celebrates A. L. Burruss: A man who referred to himself as a “simple chicken plucker,” his life, and his 22-year career in public service.

About the Author

Dr. Margaret B. Walters is the Executive Director of Georgia Writers Association and Associate Professor of English at Kennesaw State University. She received her Ph.D. in English from Arizona State University in 1996. Dr. Walters teaches graduate writing in the Master of Arts in Applied Writing Program and undergraduate writing. In 2010 she was honored with Kennesaw State's Distinguished Graduate Teaching Award. She lives in Georgia with her husband and daughter and numerous cats and dogs.

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