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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-933483-07-8
Pages: 320
Year Published: 2006

Footprints Across the South: Bartramís Trail Revisited
By James Kautz

"James Kautz follows in William Bartram’s footsteps and asks, ‘What is left of his world? And what has replaced it?’ With wry humor, and an eye for irony as well as detail, Kautz’s musings on urban sprawl, social injustice, economic development and decay, and the ravaged natural world—as well as the pockets of quiet natural beauty that remain and those who fight for them—speak volumes about Bartram’s world and to our own. A ‘must read’ book for introspective Southerners."

Kathryn H. Braund, Auburn University
President of the Bartram Trail Conference

“It is impossible to read this engaging travelogue of the New South without a certain degree of longing. Jim Kautz himself is a kind of pilgrim, a latter-day Bartram, seeking the landscape that existed, remnants of which can still be found beneath the material culture of the twenty-first century. Kautz’s documentaries are wistful yet hopeful, humorous yet full of pathos—he is our Charles Kurault of the printed page. How we need his poignant juxtaposition.”

Janisse Ray, Author of Ecology of a Cracker Childhood, Wild Card Quilt: Taking
a Chance on Home, and Pinhook: Finding Wholeness in a Fragmented Land

“William Bartram’s Travels provides a benchmark for exploring the American South. Jim Kautz retraces the trail, writing with wit, good conscience, and just a touch of the curmudgeon to offer fresh insight into Bartram’s world—as well as our own."

Thomas Hallock, University of South Florida

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