Editor - Allen Webb
Price: $24.95
Format: Paperback
Pages: 250
Year Published: 2009

The Doctoral Degree In English Education
Edited by Allen Webb

About the Book
The Doctoral Degree in English Education gathers the testimonies of graduate students and their professors, mostly former public school language arts teachers, as they develop their abilities as English teachers, earn the most advanced degree in their field, become professional leaders, and begin teaching at the university level.

Responding to an on-going national shortage of professors of English education, this book provides first-hand information on deciding to pursue a doctorate, undertaking graduate studies, teaching university methods courses, writing dissertations, and entering the field as a professor of English education.

Essential reading for graduate students in English education and for any teacher considering college or university teaching.

The Contributors are
Janet Alsup
Dan Baker
Richard Beach
Wendy Burke
Pamela S. Carroll
Sharon M. Chubbuck
Renee Clift
Jen Clyde
Christa Compton
Jen Conrad
Darren Crovitz
Jennifer Dail
Lisa Eckert
Anne Ruggles Gere
C J Gilbert
Aaron Levy
Julie Lindquist
James Marshall
Marlow Matherne
Ewa McGrail
Shannon Dannison Mortimore
Jeanne Smith Muzzilo
Cheryl Nahmias
Kimberly B. Pyne
Rob Rozema
Jeremy Schnotala
Melanie Shoffner
Katie Van Sluys
Amanda Thein
Gretchen Voskuil
Peter Williamson
Marilyn Wilson
Jason Wirtz
Susan Wood

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