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ISBN: 978-1-933483-17-7
Pages: 85
Year Published: 2008

A History of Nursing
By Anne Webster

About the Book
The poems in A History of Nursing combine the professional life of a woman in the healing arts with the other aspects of her life. Just as she can never stop being the child of her parents, and adult woman, or a mother, a life in nursing colors everything she does and feels. When the nurse becomes a critically ill patient, all of those elements fuse, making her understand the impact she, as a nurse, has had on others.

About the Author
Anne Webster spent her twenty-five-year nursing career in hospital positions, ranging from float nurse in critical care and emergency departments to nursing administration for those areas. During those years, her poetry appeared in many literary journals and anthologies, including Intensive Care and The Poetry of Nursing. Webster has also taught business writing, consulted to communications firms on writing projects, and edited manuscripts. She conducts creative writing workshops in memoir and poetry and is currently completing a memoir and a novel. Webster lives in Atlanta with her husband.

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