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Year Published: 2005

The Great Middle Class Revolution: Our Long March Toward a Professionalized Society
By Melvyn Fein

"It finally happened, albeit slowly, but surely, we have reached a new tipping point in our society. We have participated in many revolutions over the course of our history, but [until now] none has locked liberals and conservatives in a battle that has undermined our sociological analysis of this current, largely unrecognized and underestimated, revolution…it surrounds us, we are part of it, and we should be concerned where it is taking us. Most Americans have been part of a revolution and haven’t noticed when it began or why. Fein puts the pieces together, lots of them, and predicts the consequences of our society’s latest cultural war. This book deserves to be widely read; we all need to understand why wringing our hands will do little to reverse the trend."

John G. Bruhn, PhD
Co-Editor of the Handbook of Clinical Sociology

"This is a rare treatment of social class, tracing and explaining the emergence of the American Middle Class and the problems it faces. It examines current solutions posed by both liberals and conservatives and shows why both sides are wrong. It proposes that the Middle Class Revolution must include extension of professional expertise beyond work to include personal-life decisions. This is an important book, posing an intelligent antidote to today’s culture wars. It should be read by anyone interested in where we’ve been, how we got to where we are, and where we are going."

Al McCormick, Ph.D.
President M² Research & Consulting

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