Music Theory Sequence





Semester I (Fall)

Semester II (Spring)


MUSI 1121. Music Theory I
MUSI 1111. Aural Skills I

MUSI 1122. Music Theory II
MUSI 1112. Aural Skills II


MUSI 2221. Music Theory III
MUSI 2111. Aural Skills III

MUSI 2222. Music Theory IV

    Prerequisite for MUSI 3311

MUSI 2112. Aural Skills IV


MUSI 3320. Form and Analysis

   Includes MUSI 2222 as prerequisite

   Required for Performance and BA

   majors only

MUSI 3324. Instrumentation and Arranging
    Includes MUSI 2222 as prerequisite
   Required for all students




This chart shows the order in which the required courses should be taken along with selected prerequisites (for a complete list of prerequisites, please see the course catalog). In particular, note that MUSI 2222 must be taken prior to the junior level history sequence.



Transfer Students–Transfer Credits & Placement Tests

Testing Out of Courses (Advanced Standing)
Music Theory Sequence
Applied Composition Study

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