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School of Music

Strategic Plan 2012-2017


Kennesaw State University’s School of Music seeks to be a nationally recognized leader in the southeast. Our purpose is to educate future teachers, performers, artists, and scholars, creating an inspired musical culture for our diverse communities.

University Goal 1 – “To enhance and expand academic programs and delivery”

College of the Arts Goal 1 – “To enhance COTA academic programs and delivery while maintaining the highest standards of excellence”

School of Music Goal 1 – To enhance the School of Music’s position as a model metropolitan school of music


  1. Secure additional full- and part-time faculty to support the projected 250 student enrollment target, such as a string educator, ethnomusicologist, a class/collaborative piano specialist, and part-time piano accompanist
  2. Increase funding for faculty and staff salaries, allowing the School of Music to retain and attract superior full- and part-time faculty and staff
  3. Design undergraduate degree in Jazz Performance
  4. Design and implement graduate degrees in Music Performance, Music Education, and conducting
  5. Create Faculty handbook
  6. Create graduate assistantships for Performance, Music Education, and Conducting
  7. Expand capacity to offer a variety of musical electives such as ethnomusicology, music history, and music theory
  8. Maintain accreditation by the National Associate of Schools of Music


University Goal 2 - “To improve retention, progression, and graduation rates while maintaining high quality”

College of the Arts Goal 2 -“To improve College of the Arts recruitment, retention, progression, and graduation rates while maintaining vitality and excellence”

School of Music Goal 2 – To improve recruitment, retention, progression, and graduation rates in the School of Music while maintaining vitality and excellence”


  1. Expand the School of Music’s recruitment efforts both geographically and demographically
  2. Institute mandatory advising for all School of Music students, beyond first year
  3. Create a School of Music student handbook
  4. Expand Faculty handbook to include applied instructions


University Goal 3 – “To expand campus resources and enhance campus infrastructure”

College of the Arts Goal 3 - “To enhance resources and infrastructure to support COTA programs”

School of Music Goal 3 – To continue to enhance the resources and infrastructure to support School of Music programs


  1. Increase the School of Music Scholarship program to be competitive with peer and aspirational AASCU/NASM institutions
  2. Construct and move in to new Performing Arts Facility
  3. Secure equipment budget of $50,000 for annual purchase and maintenance of musical instruments
  4. Secure funding for additional smart classrooms to support School of Music programs and curricula
  5. Increase by $20,000 the funds available to support faculty travel, performance, and research
  6. Increase by $15,000 the funding for annual projects such as musical theater/opera productions, large ensemble performance tours, and recording projects
  7. Increase student funds by $15,000 to support rehearsals and concerts


University Goal 4 – “To enhance student life activities and prepare students to be leaders”

College of the Arts Goal 4 - “To enhance student life activities through vital and significant arts experiences that prepare/cultivate students to be globally engaged citizens and leaders.”

School of Music Goal 4 – To foster a sense of community excellence within the School of Music through student life activities, significant arts experiences, and leadership opportunities


  1. Create Kennesaw State student chapters of national service organizations such as Sigma Alpha Iota, Phi Mu Alpha, the Georgia Association of Jazz Educators, ACDA, and the National Band Association
  2. Enhance participation in existing student chapters of CMENC and ASTA and professional organizations such as MTNA
  3. Increase the number of significant artists and performers coming to campus to interact with School of Music students through master-classes and concerts
  4. Encourage entrepreneurial opportunities for School of Music students

University Goal 5 – “To improve service, strengthen accountability and establish a stronger sense of community”

College of the Arts Goal 5 — “To strengthen COTA’s accountability and develop stronger ties with multiple internal and external communities”

School of Music Goal 5 – To sustain and enhance the School of Music’s contributions to the campus and community through public performances and service to public relations events, academic ceremonies, and athletic events


  1. Develop the athletic bands program including an additional faculty and staff position, and graduate research assistantships
  2. Continue guest artist appearances through the Premiere and Starlight concert series
  3. Enhance the visibility and marketing of School of Music faculty and student performances
  4. Provide ensembles for commencements, convocations, and other KSU events


University Goal 6: To promote an inclusive campus environment through the adoption of policies, procedures, and curricula that are guided by the principles of diversity, equity, transparency, and shared governance

College of the Arts Goal 6: [To be determined]

School of Music Goal 6: To foster an environment of openness, inclusiveness, and eclecticism that pervades the School of Music curricula, governance, policies, and programming


  1. Provide a broader range of ethnomusicology, music history and appreciation courses
  2. Provide exposure to diverse programming in ensemble settings
  3. Improve hiring, recruiting and admission policies with an emphasis on diversity
  4. Promote global thinking and intercultural opportunities throughout the School of Music’s curricula, fully implementing the Quality Enhancement Plan: Global Learning for Engaged Citizenship





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