The KSU Jazz En

Growing music program introduces second jazz ensemble

at Kennesaw State University

By Cheryl Anderson Brown


The Department of Music at Kennesaw State University will debut its newest student ensemble, a jazz nonet, during the KSU Jazz Ensemble performance at 8 p.m. on Feb. 22. The new nine-piece ensemble has been created to accommodate the growing number of talented students wishing to study jazz at Kennesaw State.

The music department at Kennesaw State has experienced exponential growth in recent years, more than doubling its size in the last decade. This has led the nationally accredited department to create several new student ensembles, including the KSU Orchestra and a second KSU Wind Ensemble.

The KSU Jazz Ensemble has become one of the most popular ensembles at the university. Most of its campus performances sell out and it receives numerous requests to perform at functions throughout the community, adding dozens of performances to the students’ resumes.

“It’s wonderful to have this many really well-qualified students eager to study and play jazz,” says saxophonist Sam Skelton, who heads the KSU jazz studies program and directs the KSU Jazz Ensemble. Skelton anticipates that the newly formed KSU Jazz Nonet will quickly grow into another big band. In the meantime, he’s excited by the musical possibilities of the ensemble. “There is a lot great music for a nine-piece jazz band.”

The KSU Jazz Nonet and KSU Jazz Ensemble will perform at 8 p.m. on Feb. 22 in Howard Logan Stillwell Theater. The performance features music by Charles Mingus, Pat Metheny and Fred Sturm. Tickets are $5. Call the box office at 770-423-6650 or order tickets online.


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