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Music department appoints new music theory professor


The Department of Music at Kennesaw State University has appointed Dr. Joy Ollen as assistant professor of music theory, beginning in Fall Semester 2007.

Ollen comes to Kennesaw State from Douglas College in British Columbia, where she has served as head of the aural skills division. She holds three degrees in music theory: a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University and a master of arts and a bachelor of music from the University of British Columbia. Ollen studied piano and accompanying with Jane Hayes, Ronald Turini and Damjana Bratuz (University of Western Ontario) and with Robert Rogers (University of British Columbia).

Joy Ollen has published and presented on topics including music theory pedagogy, musical form and connections between speech and music. Her interest in aural skills pedagogy has led to a study of selected evaluative methods and experimentation with the movement-based teaching approaches of Jaques-Dalcroze.

She is a member of the Society for Music Theory, the College Music Society and the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.

"As a teacher, colleague and advocate for our students and program, Joy Ollen will bring new strengths to KSU," said Peter Witte, chair of the Department of Music.

Dr. Ollen will guide the delivery of aural skills and will teach music theory.


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