President Papp Performs Presidential Piece
By Cheryl Anderson Brown


Dr. Daniel Papp, Kennesaw State University’s new president, made his musical debut with the KSU Wind Ensemble at their recital on October 4, 2006. Attired in a tuxedo complete with black-and-gold plaid tie and cumberbund, Dr. Papp joined the ensemble for the final piece of the evening, “A Lincoln Portrait” by Aaron Copland. His deep voice added depth and drama to part of narrator, recounting the life and words of President Abraham Lincoln.

Dr. Papp was invited to perform with the ensemble by its director, Peter Witte, who expressed his appreciation that Dr. Papp had found time in his very busy schedule to rehearse with the students. The students themselves were excited about the opportunity of collaborating with their president.

“It was great having him playing with us,” said clarinetist Laramie Rodriguez. “He was very confident and he stayed with us well.”

Percussionist Michael Abernathy suggested that the president “should come down and play with us more often.” His suggestion might sound inviting to Dr. Papp, whose last words of the evening were, “I’m ready to do it again!”



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