Posting Date: February 24, 2011

Meet Adam von Housen: An inspired musician
By Megan Roberts


Adam von Housen

Photo by Sarah Singleton

Adam performing with the KSU Orchestra

After just one lesson with Assistant Professor of Violin Helen Kim, Adam von Housen knew the Kennesaw State University School of Music would be a perfect fit for him.

Adam feels he has come a long way since he first entered KSU in 2008. “When I started I was really technical and only cared about playing the right notes,” he explains. “Now I feel like I’ve opened up a lot more and I can communicate pieces a lot better now. I feel like I’ve completely changed as a performer for the best.”

Through the years Adam’s hard work has paid off. He most recently performed in a special concert on the Jewish Educational Alliance Speaker Series in Savannah and was part of the student string quartet that won the Music Teachers National Association’s state competition. As a musician, Adam approaches each performance as a new opportunity to learn. He says when he takes the stage, he thinks of it as another practice.

Kim recognizes immense talent in her student. “Adam continues to grow and improve as a violinist. He has a natural facility that enables him to play a wide variety of repertoire.” Adam attributes much of his improvement and growth to the weekly lessons he receives at KSU.

Last year, Adam was awarded the Audrey and Jack Morgan Endowed Scholarship in Music, and he says that scholarships are beneficial to arts students. “Because of my busy schedule, I don’t have time to have a job, so the scholarships help me afford the equipment I need to become a better musician.”

In September, the School of Music also loaned Adam one of its violins so he would be able to achieve a higher quality of sound when he plays. “It's so generous of the school to allow me to use the violin,” Adam says. “I'm thankful to the school for allowing me to use it because I feel like I wouldn't have progressed much more with the violin that I own.”

After he graduates, Adam plans to go on to graduate school and eventually he hopes to teach violin to others. His drive to become a teacher is something that Kim has instilled in him. “I feel like she’s changed me as a musician, and she’s changed the way I look at pieces. I want to be a Helen Kim someday to someone else and make them want to keep going.”


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