Posting Date: March 24, 2011

Meet Avery McCoy: A cellist with a passion for teaching

By Megan Roberts


Avery McCoy

Photos by Kimberly New

Avery McCoy entered the Kennesaw State University School of Music with high hopes. As a high school student, Avery already knew about the School of Music and its rapid growth. His passion to play and teach music were instilled in him before coming to KSU. At his high school, Avery taught cello sectionals and created an after school orchestra, which he conducted. “I realized I loved teaching,” Avery says.

Since coming to KSU, Avery’s cello teacher, Charae Krueger, artist-in-residence in cello, has helped Avery grow into a more mature musician. “I was really confined in my playing,” Avery says. “After I got here, I just let loose. I’m a completely different musician.”

One piece of advice from Krueger that Avery continually applies is to play how he wants the music to sound. This has helped Avery become more musical instead of focusing only on the technical aspects of playing. Kruger sees the change in her student. “Musically, Avery is learning to play with freedom and courage and from his heart. Music, like all art forms, is an expression of emotion and passion. Avery is making that transition from student to performing artist.”

Avery also recently traveled to China with the KSU Orchestra, where he performed, visited historical places and interacted with Chinese musicians.

Additionally, Avery received a scholarship to attend the KSU School of Music and was also awarded with the College of the Arts annual music scholarship last fall. “It’s an honor receiving them,” Avery explains. “I want to do my best so I can repay with my playing what the college has given me.”

Outside of school, Avery rehearses with the Georgia Philharmonic once a week. Despite a busy schedule, he continues to work even harder to achieve his degree.

After graduating, Avery plans to go on and get his master's and doctorate degrees in music performance. In the end, he wants to teach because he wants to spread what he’s learned through his years as a music student. His ultimate goal is to help others have a great experience with music, just like he has.


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