Posting Date: April 21, 2011

Meet Libby Bailey: Focused on community
By Megan Roberts


Libby Bailey

Photo by Kimberly New

When Libby Bailey was in high school, she heard about the Kennesaw State University School of Music from her music director. That connection sparked interest in Libby, for music was something in which she could really excel. After she graduated from high school, she decided to pursue it. Now, as a music education major, Libby is enjoying her time and is glad to be a part of the College of the Arts community.

To Libby, music is all about community and the feeling of being together with other people who love music. When she entered the music education program at KSU, that feeling was reinforced. Her courses became more about the feeling of being involved with a family than just seeing the same people every day.

The professors at KSU have helped Libby obtain the feeling of community. “You can go to them and they are approachable,” Libby says. From working with her professors so closely, she says she has gained respect and developed a friendship with them.

Libby acknowledges that she has become more proficient in her studies since her time at KSU. “My basic music knowledge has grown as well as my voice,” Libby says. Her voice professor, KSU Professor of Voice Oral Moses, has helped her advance in her lessons. Libby says that she’s noticed a big difference in her voice when she listens to past recordings. Part of that change comes from feeling more comfortable with music, a skill that has been instilled in her since she entered the program.   

After Libby graduates, she plans to become a middle school music teacher or a music librarian. She wants other students to experience music in a life changing way as well. Alison Mann, KSU assistant professor of choral music education, recognizes Libby’s passion for music education: “Libby has an inclusive and warm personality that will translate to the middle school choral classroom and make her students better musicians and, ultimately, better people.”


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