Posting Date: September 10, 2012


Meet Natalie Gough: A beautiful voice

By Shira Kerce


Natalie Gough
Photo by Tracie L. Hinnant

Music has been a part of Natalie Gough’s life for as long as she can remember. She has always enjoyed singing, and as a child she learned how to play the piano, trumpet and violin. In high school Natalie decided to focus on her voice, and she is now working on a bachelor of music in voice performance degree in the Kennesaw State University School of Music.


While in high school, Natalie began taking voice lessons with renowned vocalist Valerie Walters, KSU artist-in-residence in voice. It was this relationship with Walters that influenced Natalie’s decision to come to KSU. “I wanted to continue working with Ms. Walters,” Natalie explains, “so I knew that KSU would be a good fit for me. I really enjoy the honesty with which she teaches, and she always places the focus on the student and what the students needs in order to grow.”


Natalie has also enjoyed all of the opportunities that the School of Music offers to its voice majors. “Students here have the experience of being on stage more,” Natalie explains. “Because it is a smaller program students are able to perform more and to form better relationships with their teachers.”


This chance to perform onstage is one of Natalie’s favorite things about singing. “I enjoy the thrill of being onstage more than anything,” Natalie says. “I enjoy expressing why I love music through the music itself and sharing my passion with others.” Walters describes Natalie’s voice as “extraordinarily beautiful” and is proud of Natalie’s growth as a performer. “Natalie has become a much more expressive performing artist since I first met her,” Walters explains. “She has really taken advantage of the opportunities at KSU and allowed them to help her grow.”


While at KSU, Natalie has received the Eric and Gwendolyn Brooker Endowed Voice Scholarship. After she graduates she hopes to pursue a master’s degree in voice performance and to one day sing opera professionally. Her advice to young singers is remain committed to the goal even when it is difficult. “If you know what you want and you pursue it no matter what obstacles may come, you will be successful.”



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