Posting Date: June 13, 2011


Meet Jeremy Beavers: Communicating with music
By Scott Singleton


Jeremy Beavers

Photo by Tracie L. Hinnant

Jeremy Beavers grew up listening to classical music. His parents, particularly his mom, encouraged Jeremy and his brothers to pursue music for their enjoyment. As it turns out, they are doing much more than enjoying music.

A music performance major in classical guitar, Jeremy started playing guitar eight years ago. “After a year or so, I fell in love with the guitar,” he explains. During high school, he started taking lessons from Kennesaw State University Assistant Professor Mary Akerman, just as his brother, who is now a professional classical guitarist and professor, did before him.

After high school, the decision to attend KSU was easy. Proximity to home and a welcoming environment, Jeremy explains, were all important factors, but none more important than continuing to study with Akerman.

During his college studies here at KSU, Jeremy Beavers has progressed from being a talented student with a lot of potential to being a compelling and expressive performer, says Akerman. He sets a high standard for himself and always strives to achieve his highest goals. His future as a performer and musician is unlimited.

As soon as he arrived at KSU, Jeremy joined the Classical Guitar Ensemble. Additionally, he has performed with the Men’s Ensemble, the Chamber Singers, the Mixed Chamber Ensembles and Opera Theatre. In 2009, Jeremy performed in the Opera Theatre’s production of “The Merry Wives of Windsor.” Working with other students, according to Jeremy, has been very helpful and is “the best way to get to a single goal.” He is also the recipient of the Michael Edwin Lipps, II Memorial Arts Endowed Scholarship.

For Jeremy, guitar, and music in general, offers many positive benefits. “Music is one of my favorite ways of glorifying and worshipping God,” he explains. “It’s also a great way to communicate with people and be in community.” When it comes to communicating with other people, Jeremy discovered how useful music can be during a trip to Latin America. “I don’t speak much Spanish, he says, but I can play music.”

With an interest in powerlifting and post-rehabilitation training, Jeremy has many goals and ideas for his future. In addition to teaching and performing, he hopes to work as a personal trainer and do missionary work, particularly in Latin America. “Basically,” Jeremy explains, “my goal in life is to help people.”


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