Posting Date: October 30, 2009

Meet Shawn Keswani: Connecting through singing

By Scott Singleton

Photograph by Melissa Ray

Shawn Keswani sings to connect with his listeners on a deeper level and to express emotions that are only accessible through performance. A senior music major at Kennesaw State University, Shawn has a growing reputation as a leader on campus. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a certificate in leadership from the University of Georgia, he decided to return to school to pursue music. Although always involved in school and church choirs while growing up, he did not begin professional voice lessons until he enrolled at KSU.

At KSU, Shawn has experienced tremendous growth as an artist. With only choir experience, he was initially intimidated by solo performance. “KSU has helped me be comfortable performing solo,” he says.

He became involved with many different aspects of musical performance at KSU. He is a member of KSU’s Chamber Singers ensemble. In addition to regular performances, he also participates in the annual Georgia Music Educators Conference and All-College Chorus. Shawn also serves as the president of the KSU chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and has volunteered as a choir member and interim music director at a local Catholic church for the past eight years.

Additionally, Shawn is a member of “Coro Vocati,” a new ensemble in the Atlanta area that performs both Renaissance and modern music. He is also involved with two other band projects and teaches private piano lessons. Recognized by his peers as well, Shawn was recently named the featured artist of the month at

Not only does Shawn enjoy listening to and singing a variety of music, he also emphasizes the importance of observing performances from the audience. “I love to watch and listen to other people perform because you see something deeper about that person come out,” he says.

In spring 2009, Shawn earned the prestigious distinction of University Scholar for the School of Music. On his dedication and potential, Alison Mann, assistant professor of choral music education, says, “Shawn is a very conscientious student who is able to absorb the subject matter and infuse it into his singing and teaching. He will have a great musical career because he truly enjoys learning.”

After graduation, Shawn plans to pursue graduate school and eventually become a music professor. A musician at heart, he also intends to perform more after he graduates.



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