Meet Rachael Alexander: A Fresh Voice

By Julie Senger

As a first-year student in the music department at Kennesaw State University, Rachael Alexander is already a very well-rounded individual. She is a gifted soprano who exudes a laid-back confidence that stems from being both an artist and an academic.

Rachael began singing at around the age of five, but she also has other aspirations. She writes her own inspirational songs and plays both the guitar and piano. In fact, she counts among her performing interests the jazz guitar and voice.

Rachael says she chose to come to KSU because she heard great things about Russell Young, associate professor of music, and Jana Young, instructor of voice, who are now two of her vocal coaches. In the short time Rachael has been at KSU, she has already come to see the music department and her fellow music majors as “family.” From her music classes, Rachael knows that she is getting a great foundation, particularly in her aural skills class. She enjoys being surrounded by classmates who “really want to be here and really want to learn.”

Rachael attended the Dekalb School of the Arts, which is a high school that requires students to audition for admission and they must also maintain a high grade point average. At DSA, Rachael made All-State Chorus and also traveled to Canada with Atlanta Young Singers of Callenwolde to perform at Festival 500, a prestigious international chorale festival. At KSU, in addition to the Hope Scholarship, Rachael also has been awarded two music scholarships, the Gretchen E. Van Roy Voice Endowed Scholarship and the KSU Music Clinic Scholarship.

After she graduates, Rachael wants to be a musical artist whose style transcends classification.


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