Posting Date: November 12, 2012

Meet Robert Boone: Born to drum

By Alyssa Sellors


Robert Boone

Photo by Tracie L. Hinnant

Robert Boone fondly remembers his mother giving him packs of pencils to tap out rhythms on the church pews. Music has always been a force in his life and not much has changed. As a pianist and musician himself, Robert’s father sat him in front of his first drum set at the age of three. From there, Robert knew music was his passion.

Hailing from Davidson Fine Arts High School in Augusta, Ga., Robert credits his high school mentor, John Bradley, for bringing him to Kennesaw State University. At his first audition for the program, Robert remembers John Lawless, director of percussion studies, turning his audition into more of a lesson than a simple audition and confirming his desire to be a part of the Kennesaw State School of Music. “From the moment I heard him audition, I knew he was going to be great!” agrees Sam Skelton, director of jazz studies and lecturer in saxophone.

Robert enjoys the creative and collaborative environment of KSU. “From the students and faculty who are challenging and encouraging to the opportunity to collaborate with different people all of the time,” he finds the talented influences around him helpful in his growth as a musician. Robert should know all about collaboration and the importance of such variety. He plays in the percussion ensemble, wind ensemble, orchestra, jazz ensemble and jazz combo at KSU. When it comes to his art, Robert does not have just one influence and thinks there is something to be gained from all types of music.

Robert finds stress relief in his music and feels free, relaxed and at home when playing, but that does not take away from his professional and business like attitude when taking any stage. His main focus in all that he does is simply “professionalism,” something that his time here at KSU has ingrained in him. “I try to present the highest level of musicality as I can for any given situation.” Advice from his professors has honed this focus. He remembers the best advice he has received from his professors: to maintain a professional attitude about everything, be prepared and come ready to learn.

Robert's professors cannot help but take notice. “His performances are always spot on and his work ethic is enviable,” says Skelton. “I am thrilled to use Robert as a member of my ensemble and I know this is just the beginning of an incredible journey for him. We will see much more of Robert Boone.”


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