Meet Sarah Heagy: Planting seeds with confidence

By Kasey Carty-Campbell

Photo by Tim Goldman

Although many student teachers balk at the thought of teaching middle school, Sarah Heagy walks confidently into the classroom. “I prefer teaching this age because I want to plant the seed in young people so they can know what music can do for their lives,” she says. Sarah, a music education major with a concentration in piano, takes on that challenge every day, student teaching at Lost Mountain Middle School in Kennesaw.

Sarah finds satisfaction in discovering the potential for students’ long-term involvement with music. “Music can be a very positive outlet in the lives of students to help them deal with personal issues by putting those emotions into the music they are playing. It also helps build teamwork and people skills as students do not focus only on themselves but others,” she says.

Sarah knows KSU has given her the tools that she needs to be a successful teacher. “Having great faculty at KSU has shown me how to be a good teacher and given me high standards to give to my students,” she says.

David Watkins, director of keyboard studies at KSU, cites Sarah’s active participation in several student organizations and groups during her time at KSU, which include the Wind Ensemble, the Chamber Singers, the Georgia Music Educators Association and the National Association for Music Education, as important factors in her development. “Sarah has grown in her musicianship and her technical ability during her time at Kennesaw,” he says. “She is very well rounded and multi-talented and is always willing to help others.”

“I have the biggest appreciation for the music faculty and other music students because of the support that I have received being a student in the music program,” Sarah says. “Prof. Watkins does not expect less than your best and he has helped me to achieve the high levels that he set for me.” She also credits Watkins with bringing opportunities for performances and scholarships to the attention of students. He provided an application for Sarah in spring 2008 that resulted in her being chosen to perform in the 2008 GMEA Winner’s Recital.

Sarah has also received the Steinway Scholarship, the GMEA scholarship and continues to receive the R. Wayne Gibson Scholarship for music students.

Sarah’s musical talents have touched more than just the KSU campus. She has accompanied multiple public school chorus performances, in addition to playing the guitar and singing with her dad at their church.

The preparation that Sarah has received at KSU has given her the confidence that she needs on and off stage. “When I perform, I don’t show that I am nervous. When I later look at video tapes of the performance, I am always surprised by how calm I look, when I know that inside I am scared out of mind and shaking,” she says.

After graduation, Sarah plans to carry this same confidence into the classroom, hoping to teach middle school students in the 2009 school year. This self-assurance allows her to find true fulfillment in her work as she sees the seeds of her efforts grow. “My reward is seeing the light bulb come on in kids who aren’t informed about or interested in music as they become involved in the world of music.”



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