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Event Parking Request

Please fill out the following form if you need vouchers and/or spaces reserved for your guest. This electronic form will notify all necessary parties of your intentions and a confirmation will follow.

A voucher validates the parking of your guest, and a parking fee is charged to your department upon their departure. (The fee is exactly half of what is charged to the person, please see the fee schedule for details).

Please fill out the event parking request below if your event requires parking and/or you need vouchers. Then you just need to direct your guests to the visitor parking area and tell them to identify the event they are attending.

Please keep in mind that spaces do not constitute vouchers.

Event Parking Event Form
* - Required form fields
* Name:  
* Department:  
* Requesting Office:  
* Phone:  
* Speed Chart #:
(required for vouchers) 
    (5 Digits)
* E-mail:  
Name of Event  
Location of Event:  
Department Sponsoring Event:  
Number of Spaces:  
Number of Vouchers:  
Date of Event:  
Time In:  
Time Out:  
Name(s) of Guest(s) (optional, if desired you can e-mail the list)  
Overnight Parking Request Information (Optional)
Overnight Parking Request:  
Emergency Contact Name:  
Emergency Contact Phone:  
Individual (Full-time Faculty and Staff ONLY) Sponsoring the Event:  
**Parking Management reserves the right to re-direct your guest if a Parking Request Form is not received at least two working days in advance and the Welcome Center is filled.

**If the form is received less than two working days in advance, a parking confirmation WILL NOT be sent.


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