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Eileen Celis graduated from the University of Wyoming with a degree in Animal Science.  Eileen served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Colombia, South America from 1978-1981, where she worked in a Dairy Registry Program whose goal was to assist local farmers to increase milk production.  As part of the project, Eileen assisted in activities such as farm visits to gather production records, cattle vaccination campaigns and artificial insemination programs.  In other projects, Ms. Celis also offered English classes to interested professionals and colleagues and worked to bring information on health and nutrition to groups of women and children in the small community where she resided.  While currently employed full time at an area hospital as a Spanish Interpreter and Patient Representative, Ms Celis is enrolled in the MBA program at Kennesaw State University.  As a graduate assistant in the Maya Heritage Community Project, Eileen is helping to establish a National Maya Interpreter Network whose goal is to provide a resource for Maya immigrants seeking language assistance.

Sarah Goehler graduated from Kennesaw State University in 2007 with a BS in Sociology. Immediately upon graduation, Sarah served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cameroon, West Africa from 2007-2009. While in Cameroon, Sarah’s primary assignment was working as a business consultant for a local microfinance institution helping entrepreneurs learn more about the basics of business development and management. She participated in many secondary activities such as HIV education, youth outreach, and community development projects. She is currently enrolled in the Coles College of Business MBA program and is working with the Maya Heritage Community Project. Additionally, Sarah is a part time Field Interviewer for University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research.

Derek Kellog's - Mr. Kellogg grew up across the US, living in Wisconsin, Colorado, Texas, California, and Illinois before choosing the University of Colorado for his undergraduate studies in Business Administration. During his time there, Mr. Kellogg studied abroad in Seville, Spain as part of an Internantional Business program at the Universidad de Pablo Olvide, and upon graduating in 2006, he was accepted to the Peace Corps to serve in Costa Rica as a Community Economic Development volunteer. After spending 2-years in a rural mountain community teaching basic business, computer and english skills, he extended his service another 2-years as a Peace Corps Volunteer Leader supporting incoming volunteers and national partnerships. Mr. Kellogg currently works for Junior Achievement of Georgia as a Director of Programs managing key corporate partnerships around volunteerism and fundraising. 

As an MBA Candidate at Kennesaw State University, he aspires to further explore opportunities in social entrepreneurship and launch his own venture

Brandon Marlow graduated from Georgia State University in 2007 with a degree in Public Relations.  In the summer of 2008, he entered the Peace Corps as an English Teacher Trainer in Mongolia.  While there, he was responsible for aiding 5 local secondary school English teachers to improve their language skills, speaking, teaching methodologies, and resource development.  He was instrumental in creating an English library as well as an English learning computer lab, featuring 21 computers and Rosetta Stone English learning software.  During his two years, Brandon also worked on projects involving alcoholism awareness, college prep, youth life skills, scholarships, human trafficking awareness and prevention, and rural student transportation issues. 

In 2010, Brandon finished his service in Mongolia and began working as a Peace Corps recruiter in the Atlanta regional office.  He is currently working on his Masters of Science in Conflict Resolution degree at Kennesaw State University as a Peace Corps Fellows participant.  He holds a GRA position with MSCM Program Director Dr. Sherrill Hayes. 


Krista Czerwinski completed her Peace Corps Honduras service in 2008. Krista Czerwinski is currently studying to get her MBA. Her concentration is in International Business and Global Community Development Work. Her BA is in Child Development from the University of Wisconsin Madison.  She is a Graduate Research Assistant with the Maya Heritage Project where she is working with a team to create a Healthcare toolkit for medical professionals working with Guatemalan Maya immigrants. The toolkit vision is to eliminate the communication and cultural barriers that prohibit the Maya people from receiving quality health care. During her service she worked as an HIV Prevention and Material Health Educator. Her side project initiatives included building a public library and forming a girls youth group.          
Megan Lemke completed her Peace Corps Suriname service in July 2010, a month before starting the MBA program.  As a community economic development specialist and Suriname, Megan worked with her community to develop a local tourist and children's camp.  This work helped ensure that future generations will continue to learn the intricacies of the rich Saramcan culture, while the community receives economic benefit from the thriving tourism industry.  Additionally, Megan and her husband Mark wrote numerous grant proposals, taught English classes to first-time learners, and collaborated with agencies such as UNICEF and PAHO.  Together, they found funding and donations for projects ranging from a small library for the local school to a regional HIV/AIDS awareness event.  Megan knows that no matter what choices she makes in the future, a Coles MBA will help her be more successful in her professional career.

Eric O'Bryant completed his Peace Corps Morocco service in May 2011, before starting the MSIPM program. As an environmental volunteer in Morocco High Atlas Mountains, Eric worked with his community to develop and implement alternative fuel-wood and efficient stove technologies. Additionally, Eric helped to plan and implement an environmental education camp for children ages 8-14, and worked with community counterparts to develop environmental education curricula in schools. Furthermore, Eric worked with a local NGO to establish a youth center and regularly taught English classes to middle and high school students. He is a graduate research assistant with the Maya Heritage Community Project (MHCP,) and is working to create a website for the project. This website will bring together the various facets of the MHCP since being established is 2001. Eric plans to stay in the International Development field when he is finished with his MSIPM degree.

Daline Derival – Daline served as a Peace Corps Health Education Volunteer in Madagascar and Mali from 2007 to 2010.  After working with a consulting firm in Atlanta for two years, Daline joined the Peace Corps and left for Madagascar in September of 2007.  As a Community Health Extension Worker in Madagascar, Daline developed and delivered presentations on health topics ranging from diarrheal disease and malaria prevention to prevention of STIs in the local Malagasy dialect.  She also assisted in patient consultations at a community health center and assisted with operations in the local supplemental feeding center for malnourished children.  In 2008, Daline worked with a coalition of local public officials and international NGO representatives to organize a sporting event (foot, rickshaw and bike races) to raise HIV/AIDS awareness.  As a result of the event, over 5,000 young people and adults were sensitized on HIV/AIDS prevention and 3oo people were counseled and tested. 

In March of 2009, Peace Corps evacuated from Madagascar due to civil unrest subsequent to a coup d’etat.  After the evacuation Daline transferred to Mali in West Africa where she continued her service as a Technical Adviser for a Malian NGO coordinating organization.  She served in Mali for 18 months before COSing in October 2010. 

Daline is currently enrolled in the Master of Science in International Policy Management program. She graduated from the City University of New York at Queens College with a major in Psychology and a sub-concentration in Peer Counseling.  She moved to Atlanta in 2003 where she enrolled in the Emory University Rollins School of Public Health earning her Master’s degree in 2005. 

Coulter Stout served in Peace Corps Romania from 2007-2009 as a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Volunteer. During his service he developed 224 students’ speaking, creative, critical thinking and problem solving skills. He was involved in numerous country-wide teaching conferences and was a regular guest lecturer at several Romanian universities. Mr. Stout was a Volunteer Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity Pitesti, where he also authored several grants. One to create a program teaching orphans construction skills used to support themselves upon leaving the orphanage, and another which funded a mentoring skills training course for social services students. These students were later paired with local youths in a structured program similar to Big Brother Big Sister. As a Graduate Research Assistant at KSU, Mr. Stout was a liaison to Romanian business students visiting Atlanta, GA. As the project manager for an Executive MBA service program in Romania, he assisted in raising $2,000 for supplies used at an agricultural high school located in the small community of Valea Călugărească. Mr. Stout is currently working with CIFAL’s grass roots Green Dream Campaign and completing his MBA, with which he holds a 4.0.



Lindsay Anderson completed her Peace Corps Ukraine service in 2008.  Partnering with local business and universities, Lindsay conducted numerous business development conferences for local entrepreneurs to develop their skills and network within their community. The seminars focused on creating business plans, writing a resume, computer skills and local resources. She also worked closely with Samaritan Ministries to create business plans and help entrepreneurs find funding for start-up businesses. During her service, Lindsay helped launch seven businesses including a Laundromat, pig farm and widow’s house. Lindsay also taught economics, literature, English and dance at a local school and started numerous clubs for the community. English movie club and Pilates were among the most popular. Lindsay entered the Coles College of Business M.B.A. program and plans to pursue a career in corporate event coordination.

Rikki George 
completed her Peace Corps Azerbaijan service in September 2008.  As part of the Community Economic Development (CED) program, she was assigned to a local NGO to assist in the administration of business.  She was sent to Agro Information Centre (AIM), an organization that trains local farmers to become extension agents that teach villagers new farming techniques.  There she taught the AIM trainers presentation skills, computer skills, research skills, finance and budgeting, and how to run meetings.  Rikki helped design surveys and tests for extension agents, compile data and create reports, and built a database of articles from AIM’s monthly publication.  She also helped a group of 12 AIM extension agents create a business plan that helped them to win several agricultural bids and support their own agricultural center.  Rikki plans to work in development overseas again after attaining her master’s of accounting from KSU.

Zachary Smith
 completed his Peace Corps Ecuador service in September 2007.  While serving as a Business Advisor to the Municipality of Loja, Zachary was in charge of recovering a defunct community banking program.  He worked with over 20 community banks as well as developed a small business education program for loan recipients.  He also became involved in promoting large-scale organic agriculture.  After his Peace Corps service, Zachary went to Guatemala to be a consultant for a small NGO started by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.  In 2009, Zachary returned to Ecuador to start up that NGO in Ecuador.  Zachary plans on using his experiences in the Coles College of Business MBA program to prepare him for a career in promoting entrepreneurship both in the United States and abroad.


Gil Eisner completed his Peace Corps Nicaragua service in 2005. While in Nicaragua, Gil was based in the quaint town of La Paz Centro where he educated young adults in local secondary schools on general business principles, conducted a hands-on entrepreneurial business management course, and consulted local small businesses on improving administrative practices. The centerpiece of Gil's work in Nicaragua was the founding, in cooperation with Local counterparts, of a national artisan market which fostered an environment for La Paz Centro's famed yet humble ceramic artisans to vend their pottery and ceramic products to domestic and international tourists. This artisan market, named Esperanza de Paz or Hope of Peace, is flourishing and is currently in the process of being expanded. At the conclusion of his Peace Corps tour, Gil returned to Atlanta, GA in order to pursue his passion for real estate. After obtaining his real estate license, he worked in Newmark Knight Frank's commercial real estate division as tenant representative (TR). In the TR capacity, Gil advised an array of clients on corporate real estate requirements and negotiated financial structured lease transactions. Gil plans to use his Coles College of Business MBA to further build his administrative acumen and pursue an international career in the ever expanding global business environment.

Kendrall Masten 
completed his Peace Corps Zambia service in 2007.  He was involved with the Rural Aquaculture Promotion Project in collaboration with the Zambian Department of Fisheries.  Kendrall worked with rural communities by assisting families in building and managing their own integrated aquaculture systems, operating the systems as small business enterprises, and developing fish farmer associations.  In addition, he utilized the interrelationship among Peace Corps, USAID, and the PEPFAR initiative to implement programs combating the HIV/AIDS pandemic spreading in Zambia.  Kendrall has entered the Coles College of Business M.B.A. program with the goal of creating sustainable business ventures that positively impact lives domestically and abroad. 


Jessica Bodiford completed her Peace Corps Togo service in 2005. She spent two years educating the Amlamé community about gender equality, the importance of sending girls to school, and HIV/AIDS awareness. But, as every Peace Corps Volunteer, Jessica received more than she gave and gained a new perspective on life. She hopes to use her Coles College of Business MBA to provide support to African arts, NGOs, or nonprofit organizations. Currently, Jessica works at Girls Scouts of Northwest Georgia and is the drama team leader at Shaw Temple AME Zion Church.

Sherri Shropshire completed Peace Corps Guatemala service in 1994. She was in the Agricultural Diversification Program in Guatemala working with men, women, and children’s programs. In addition to vegetable gardens and greenhouse projects, she worked with communities in reforestation and building efficient wood burning stoves. Sherri has entered the MBA program with hopes of providing small business support in the local community. Sherri currently works part time as an educational consultant with Usborne Books.






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