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A severe weather warning siren is located at the north end of campus. This siren, which sounds to warn the campus community to take shelter from sevre weather, is operated by the Cobb county Emergency Management.
Please Note:

  • A siren test by Cobb County EMA occurs at noon on the first Wednesday of every month. If the threat of severe weather exists on the test date, the test occurs at noon on the following Thursday. A siren test is a steady tone lasting 30 seconds.

  • In case of a severe weather warning, the siren sounds in a steady tone, and will continue to sound for three minutes.

  • The KSU Department of Strategic Security and Safety uses the KSU alert system in extreme weather conditions, utilizing a siren with voice-over operation.

  • If you hear a severe weather warning siren, be sure to seek shelter immediately. Move to the lowest floor of the building you are in, away from glass doors and windows. If you are in a temporary building, move to the lowest floor of the nearest permanent building. If you are driving, park the car and proceed to the nearest permanent building. If the threat of severe weather is imminent, e.g., if a tornado is sighted, people in vehicles should seek shelter immediately by pulling over to the side of the road and seeking shelter in a ditch or by lying flat on the ground, away from trees and vehicles.

  • Stay in your safe area on campus until notified by an authority that it is safe to leave.


  • If you hear the fire alarm sound, leave the building immediately by proceeding calmly to the nearest exit..

  • Do not use elevators, as they are unreliable during a fire.

  • Do not re-enter the building until you are advised that it is safe to do so.


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