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Parental Notification Policy
Drug and Alcohol Violations
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Sections 951 and 952 of the 1998 Higher Education Amendment established that institutions of higher education could notify the parents or legal guardians when their student under the age of 21 was found to be in violation of the schoolís disciplinary code for drugs and alcohol. Kennesaw State University strives to create a balance between honoring the personal growth and responsibility of its students as they learn to establish their own independence with that of providing parents with the sensitive information they need to know in order to advise their students effectively. Parental notification is done only when the university believes that it will help the student by providing support for their physical health and safety, academic success and/or personal development. Parents of students under the age of 21 may be notified when a student is determined to have violated the KSU Student Code of Conduct in regard to alcohol or other controlled substances. Circumstances leading to possible parental notification include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • A student endangers him/herself or others while under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances (i.e., this may include alcohol poisoning, hospitalization, fighting or on-campus DUI);
  • Student who committed the violation required medical intervention or transport as a result of consumption of alcohol or a controlled substance;
  • The occurrence of an arrest (i.e., this might include minor possession of alcohol or other drugs, possession with intent to distribute/supply or the manufacturing or cultivation of drugs or alcohol);
  • The occurrence of significant property damage;
  • The occurrence of a major disruption to the universityís educational mission;
  • When an administrator determines that any future violation of the alcohol/drug policy will likely result in the studentís suspension;
  • When an administrator determines that any future violation of the alcohol/drug policy will likely result in the studentís removal from university housing;
  • The violation suggests a pattern of alcohol or controlled substance abuse.

In order to allow the student to have the first opportunity to notify his/her parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the alcohol/drug violation, students will be afforded two business days after the determination of a rule infraction before the university will attempt to issue a notification to the parent(s) or legal guardian(s). Notification will be coordinated through the Office of the Dean of Student Success. Written notification will detail the fact that the student has been found responsible for an alcohol or other drug offense. Written notice will not include specific details of the offense(s) for which the student is found responsible, the circumstances surrounding the offense(s), or the specific disposition of the case. The notification will include a listing of campus/community services that are available to address the studentís alcohol or drug situation. Parents/guardians interested in gaining more information about the violation or disposition of the case are encouraged to discuss the case with their student or request that the student sign a written consent to have this information revealed to his/her parents. Questions or concerns regarding these guidelines should be directed to Kennesaw State SCAI Department, University Village (suite 5100), 770-499-3403.



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