Embedded Certificates

MSCM graduates have applied their learning to a variety of professional pursuits, with many enhancing or expanding their areas of responsibility within management, human resources, or education; while others have undertaken new career directions as mediators, facilitators, ombudsmen, leaders of faith communities, and patient care advocates. Alumni feedback suggests the MSCM curriculum is well-suited to a range of domestic and international positions across the corporate, non-profit, and public sectors. The opportunities are virtually limitless for leveraging the MSCM degree for use in whatever your chosen profession may be. Additionally, many of our graduates say that the personal development they achieve over the course of the MSCM is just as beneficial as the professional development received. The MSCM program produces well-informed, insightful and reflective citizens to lead in today’s challenging environments.
The Justice and Organizations Certificate
 The Justice and Organizations Certificate provides students additional specialist training in skills related to organization conflict management and dispute resolution to prepare students to work in court systems as well as public, private, non-profit sectors.
Jobs Relating to the Justice Certificate:
Mediator, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Ombudsman, Georgia State University
Resolution Expediter, The Home Depot Corporation
Case Manager, American Arbitration Association
Educational Program Specialist, Center for Disease Control
Victim Services Coordinator, Clayton County District Attorney’s Office
Assistant Coordinator, St. John Emergency Homeless Shelter
Counselor, Forrest General Hospital
Director of Risk Management, St. Joseph’s Health System
Chief Legal Officer, Erlanger Health Systems
Sr. Director of Investigations, Fraud & Abuse, Wellpoint Inc. of Georgia
The International Conflict Management Certificate
The International Conflict Management Certificate provides additional knowledge and skills development to prepare students to work effectively in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and international corporate settings.
Jobs Relating to the International Certificate:
Elections Project Officer, United Nations Development Programme, Zambia
Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator, The United Nations
Behavior Detection Analyst, U.S. Department of Transportation
Professor, Environmental Dispute Resolution
Conflict Manager, United World Solutions
Consul General
Executive Director, Recovery Outfitters, Inc.
Consultant, Global Business Development Coordinator
Disaster Relief Coordinator, American Red Cross
Project Coordinator for the Americas Program, The Carter Center