Virtual Open House

The Virtual Open House is a way for prospective MSCM students to learn more about the MSCM program in a live Q & A with the Director of MSCM, Dr. Sherrill Hayes. Please join us!

Access Wimba Classroom

Login Information
Particpant PIN: 36760176

General Info
We use a program called Wimba for the Virtual Open House (VOH), which should not require any additional software. However, you will need speakers or a headset and a microphone (used to ask quesitons). Alternatively, you can call by telephone to join the session.

Setting up the Wimba Session
It is recommended that all users run the setup wizard prior to the first Wimba session. There are no assigned usernames, so particants can just use their name for login.

When you are ready to test your computer or log in to the MSCM VOH, click here.

A few points to note:

  1. Wimba Classrooms work best with a headset that has a microphone for each easer, but can also be used with speakers and a table-top microphone.
  2. Wimba Classrooms require that popup blockers be disabled and microphones be plugged-in before launching a session.
  3. Webcams are supported but are not required by any user.
  4. Users can participate using only the chat interface if no audio functionality is available, but is not recommended.
  5. Run the wizard early to allow time to troubleshoot issues before the session.
  6. The CTRL-key (Command for MAC) on your keyboard triggers your microphone to turn on/off.