President's Planning & Budget Advisory Committee

President's Planning & Budget Advisory Committee -
Committee Members 2013-14

Dan Papp President
Kathy Schwaig Deans' Council
Mark Mitchell Chairs' Council
Teaching Faculty:
Kurt Schulzke * Coles College of Business
Desha Williams * Bagwell College of  Education
Gloria Taylor * WellStar College of Health & Human Serv.
Chuck Aust College of Humanites &  Soc. Sciences
Kevin Gwaltney College of Science & Mathematics
Rebecca Makus (for Diana Gregory 11/13) * College of the Arts
David Thompson University College
Katherine Street SGA President
Khy Chestnut SGA President-Elect
Ken White President, Faculty Senate
Cynthia "Cindy" Bowers Pres-Elect, Faculty Senate
Ron Bullock President, Staff Senate
Carole Hill Pres-Elect, Staff Senate
Jeff Cooper President, Administrator Senate
Alicia Stignani Pres-Elect, Administrator Senate
Ken Harmon Provost & VP for Academic Affairs
Ralph Rascati Assoc VP for AA & Dean of Univ. College
Randy Hinds VP of Operations, CIO & CBO
Jerome Ratchford VP Student Success 
Mike Harders VP Univ. Advancement & Development
Arlethia Perry-Johnson VP for External Affairs
Flora Devine SA for Legal Affairs & University Attorney
Maureen McCarthy Faculty Executive Assistant
Lynda Johnson Executive Administrator & Chief of Protocol 
Erik Malewski Chief Diversity Officer (added 2008-09)
Charles Amlaner VP of Research & Graduate Dean (added 2009-10)
Sandra Cobb College of Continuing & Professional Education
Vaughn Williams Director of Athletics
Judi Walper PPBAC Secretary
NOTE:  Elected faculty reps serve staggered two-year terms.
* Delegates in the second year of 2-year term