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Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology

Requirements for graduation from Kennesaw State University with a major in psychology may be broken down into the following broad areas:

Major Field Requirements
For a major in psychology the student must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 42 semester hours (13 courses) in psychology (14 hours of which are from the lower division major field requirements and 28 hours of which are from the upper division major field requirements). At least 24 of the 28 upper-level major field requirements must be taken at KSU. A grade of C or better must be earned in ALL Major Field Requirements. An upper level Psychology course completed with a grade of "D" may be credited toward graduate requirements as a free elective but may not be included in courses credited toward the major field in the psychology major or toward prerequisites. Before enrolling in some psychology courses, students must complete the appropriate prerequisites as noted in the university catalog.     

Psychology Core Courses
One of the most appealing aspects of the psychology program at KSU is its flexibility. Of the required 42 semester hours (13 courses) of psychology coursework, there are only 5 core courses (two of which have associated laboratories) that must be completed by all students majoring in psychology. These core courses are designed to ensure that all psychology students have a solid, broad understanding of the field and the basic research techniques used by psychologists. These psychology core courses include:

            General  Psychology (3 hours)
            Careers in Psychology (3 hours)
            Research Methods in Psychology and Laboratory (4 hours)
            Experimental Psychology and Laboratory (4 hours)
            Senior Seminar in Psychology (3 hours)

Required Area Courses
It is desirable for psychology students to acquire more advanced, specialized knowledge of the field in addition to the broad overview provided by the core courses. Therefore, all psychology majors are required to complete one course selected from each of the following four groups. Selections from each of the groups should be made in consultation with your psychology faculty advisor in order to maximize relevance to your personal and career goals. Majors must select one course from each of the four groups, and at least one must be a four-hour course. 

Group I: (Prerequisite: General Psychology)
PSYC  3305 - Life-Span Developmental Psychology
PSYC  3325 - Social Psychology

Group II: (Prerequisite: One 3000-level course)
PSYC  3335 - Theories of Personality
PSYC  4430 - Abnormal Psychology 

Group III: (Prerequisite: Research Methods in Psychology)
PSYC  3310 - Psychopharmacology
PSYC  4410 - Physiological Psychology (4)
PSYC  4415 - Perception (4) 

Group IV: (Prerequisite: Experimental Psychology)
PSYC  3345 - Learning and Behavior
PSYC  4455 - Cognitive Psychology (4)

Psychology Electives 3000 & 4000 Level
Psychology majors must take 12 semester hours (4 courses) of psychology electives. The electives may be any 30004000 psychology course offering, including such special courses as the applied field practicum, research practicum, special topic courses, and directed study. Selection of elective courses in psychology should be discussed with an advisor.

Related Studies 3000 & 4000 Level
Students are required to complete 12 semester hours of 30004000 level electives. The related studies electives may be selected from any discipline, other than psychology. Be mindful that many upper-level courses have prerequisites. Be sure to check for prerequisite coursework. Please note that upper-level psychology courses cannot be used in this area. 

Free Electives 1000 4000 Level
Free electives can be any lower or upper level course offered at KSU, including psychology.