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All registration at KSU is conducted over the web through Owl Express. There are three phases of registration at KSU:

Early Registration

Effective Spring 2014, all currently enrolled students are eligible to participate in Early Registration. Students are strongly encouraged to register within the Early Registration phase.

Final Registration

Available to new, readmitted, and all currently enrolled students. New students are invited to attend an orientation session where they will have an opportunity to register for classes.


A Drop/Add Session is offered to students during the first week of classes for the fall and spring.Specific dates are indicated on the Academic Calendar.

Registration Agreement

  • Students must accept the Registration Agreement in Owl Express before they are allowed to register.
  • By registering for classes at Kennesaw State University, students agree to assume financial responsibility for all charges billed to your student account.
  • In order to avoid financial responsibility, students must officially drop any classes that they plan not to attend during the published drop/add period.
  • Nonattendance does not constitute a drop from classes. Students who attend classes after the official drop/add period ends, must formally withdraw from their class(es) through Owl Express.


Students who do not meet the course prerequisites or registration requirements for classes in which they may have early registered for must drop the course/s prior to the end of Drop/Add. The prerequisite requirement may relate to the courses taken in a previous semester. Students should check their registration during Final Registration and prior to the end of Drop/Add. If a student does not meet the course prerequisites, they must drop the course.

If no registration requirements appear, review the course prerequisites for the course(s) listed above. Instructions on how to review course prerequisites is located under the Quick Reference Guide for Resolving Registration Errors. If the prerequisites have not been met, the student must drop the course.

Registration Cancellation

Student schedules will be cancelled if fees are not paid in full by the payment deadline.  A new registration time will be assigned during the final registration prior to the beginning of classes.

Class schedules will be cancelled for those students who fail to pay fees in full by the Final Registration Payment Deadline. Students allowed to have their full schedule reinstated after the schedule has been cancelled will be charged a late payment fee of $50 and a late registration fee of $30 per course.

Late Payment

A late payment fee of $50 will be charged to any student paying on or after the Final Registration Payment Deadline.

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