Withdrawing From A Class or Classes After Drop/Add

After 11:45 P.M. on the last day to drop/add courses (see Academic Calendar for specific semester dates), there is NO refund for withdrawing from a course(s), which would still leave a student enrolled at KSU. The student must completely withdraw from ALL classes for the semester in order to receive a partial refund depending on the percentage of the semester that has passed since registration. To withdraw from a course(s), a student must complete an online withdrawal.

The refund amount for students completely withdrawing from the semester after the last day to drop/add for the term is based on a pro rata percentage determined by dividing the number of completed calendar days in the semester by the total calendar days in the semester. The total calendar days in a semester includes weekends, but excludes breaks of five days or more. The unearned portion shall be refunded up to the point in time that the amount equals 60%.  Please refer to the withdrawal dates and refund percentages from the Schedule of Classes by semester.

Students may withdraw from one or more courses any time before the last three weeks of the semester. As of Fall 2004, students will be allowed a maximum of eight total withdrawals if they enter KSU as a freshman. Transfer students will be allowed one withdrawal per fifteen credit hours attempted, for a maximum of eight. Students who choose to pursue a second degree at KSU will be allowed two additional withdrawals. Students who entered KSU before the fall of 2004 will be allowed one withdrawal per fifteen credit hours attempted for a maximum of eight after the institution of this policy. Students who exceed the maximum number of withdrawals will receive a grade of “WF” for any subsequent withdrawals.

Students who officially withdraw from courses before mid-semester and have not exceeded the withdrawal limit (link to catalog: Withdrawal from courses) will receive a "W" in those courses and receive no credit.  They will not however suffer any academic penalty.  Students who officially withdraw after mid-semester (and before the last three weeks of the semester will receive a "WF", which will be counted as an "F" in the calculation of their grade point average.

Kennesaw State University reserves the right to change its fees, charges, rules and regulations at the beginning of any semester and without prior notice.

Effect on Enrollment Status

As soon as a student withdraws from a course(s), the enrollment status of that student is updated.

Effect on Extracurricular Eligibility

Depending on the extracurricular activity a student is engaged in, withdrawing from a course(s) may impede a student's eligibility to participate. If a student does not know the eligibility rules that govern their activity, the student may go to the director of that area for clarification.

Effect on Financial Aid

For further information, please consult the Office of Student Financial Aid or http://www.kennesaw.edu/financial_aid/faq/sap.html

Online Withdrawal Procedure

To withdraw from a class or classes after the Drop/Add period has ended, complete the following steps:

  • Go to OWL Express
  • Log in with student NetID and password
  • Select  “Registration”
  • Select  “Class Withdrawal”
  • Accept term to proceed
  • Select the class or classes from which to withdraw

Print the confirmation page to confirm withdrawal.

Medical Withdrawals

When a medical hardship occurs during the current term, students must withdraw online via Owl Express and contact the Dean of Student Success. For more information about emergency or medical hardship withdrawals visit the Division of Student Success Adminstrative Emergency Withdrawal site..

Hardship Withdrawals

Students may appeal to the Academic Standing Committee if grades have been adversely affected by exceptional hardships. For more information regarding academic appeals visit the Registrar's Academic Standing Appeals site.

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