Web Learner Program

Any KSU student may register for online courses. Students who register for ONLY online courses for the semester (regardless of discipline) will pay the Institutional ($265) and Technology ($50) fees plus the standard e-tuition rate. The Student Services Fee and Parking Permit Fees are waived. Students taking full semesters online and not living on campus are exempt from the mandatory meal plans. The Horace W. Sturgis Library is not supported by the Student Services Fee so it is available for use by online students. The waiver for the Global Learning fee prohibits online students from applying for the Global Learning Scholarship


The Web Learners Program is available for KSU students enrolled in online degree programs at Kennesaw State University including students who have not yet declared an online major or who have not yet been accepted into a professional online program.  Students may declare an online major through Owl Express. 

New students must be admitted to KSU prior to completing the Web Learner Enrollment Form.  Students must be in good academic standing prior to enrolling.  Web Learners are not allowed to register for on-campus or hybrid classes.

Web Learners will pay the Institutional ($265) and Technology ($50) fees plus the standard e-tuition rate.  The Student Services Fee and Parking Permit Fees are waived.  Current KSU students enrolling as Web Learners receive priority registration for online courses during early registration.  Please allow 24-48 hours for processing.

Newly accepted KSU students will register for courses during orientation.  Web Learners must maintain good academic standing to remain in the program and to be eligible for priority registration the following semester. Learning support courses must be completed prior to enrolling in the Web Learner Program.

To enroll in the Web Learners Program please complete the Enroll into Web Learners Program form.
Students choosing to no longer participate in the Web Learners program must formally opt-out of the program by completing the Web Learners Opt-Out of Web Learners Program form before the end of drop/add of the current term.