Scrip-Safe Transcript Service: Questions and Answers About the New Service

What is the eScrip-Safe Transcripts on Demand service?

KSU uses Transcript on Demand by eScrip-Safe Intl. as it’s trusted agent for processing and delivering online requests and transcripts.

Is this option secure?

Your transcript is never delivered by email. Instead, your transcript is delivered in an encrypted format to a secure website. As part of the transcript ordering process, you will provide an email address for the intended recipient. The recipient of your transcript will then receive an email notification informing him or her that your transcript is ready for pick up at the specific URL named in the email notification.

How much does it cost?

KSU charges $5.00 per individual transcript request.

Why is Electronic Transcript Delivery the preferred option?

Your recipient may also be an eSCRIP-SAFE network recipient making the delivery of your transcript even faster. The electronic delivery and pickup can be tracked through the system and detail when the transcript was received and by whom.

When will I or the third party receive the electronically delivered transcript?

If there are no record matching problems such as name and identification with the request, the electronically delivered transcript will be delivered in less than 30 minutes.

Who can order a transcript?

Any current or former student can request their KSU transcript online.

Do I need to pay for my transcript before I receive it?

Yes. All transcripts must be paid for at the time they are ordered. Once your order has been processed, no refunds will be issued.

What forms of payment are accepted by eScript-Safe?

eScript-Safe accepts Visa, MC, Discover, and Amex

Will I have to provide my Social Security Number to place an order?

The KSU ID number is required, however, if not known your SSN is the next key identifier used to retrieve your KSU record. If you are an international student without a social security number and do not know your KSU ID number, contact the Registrar’s Office for guidance, 770.423.6200.

Is my transcript available for pick up?

KSU encourages you to use the electronic delivery method for processing by providing an email address when requesting a transcript

What if I need to send an attachment (application, form, etc.) with my transcript?

Attachments which need to accompany a transcript may be uploaded at the time of the request and will be included with the transcript when delivered electronically or by mail.

Can I request my transcript be sent electronically?

Yes! A certified PDF may be sent to any recipient you choose. Please confirm that the recipient considers an electronic transcript to be official.

Can I order my transcript via fax or e-mail?

No. The Office of the Registrar only accepts transcript requests made via our on-line ordering system.

How many copies can I order each time?

There is no limit to the number of requests you can make.

What if I just want to view my transcript?

You can view a copy of your transcript in OwlExpress. Current students can log in to OwlExpress using their ID and password. Once in OwlExpress, select the student record tab, then select view academic transcript.

When will my transcript be mailed?

Transcripts requested to be mailed through the US Postal Service are processed within one to two business days during normal business hours.

How can I request a FEDEx or UPS pickup/delivery?

You will need to contact the Office of the Registrar at 770.423.6200 to arrange for a transcript for FedEx or UPS pickup/delivery.

How will I know if/when my transcript request has been processed?

Upon completion of an order, an email will be sent to your account confirming that your order has been submitted. Once a transcript order has been processed, a second confirmation email will be sent reflecting completed status.

How can I see my previous transcript orders?

Previously placed orders can be reviewed by returning to the transcript request system via KSU Registrar homepage. After logging-in to your eScrip/TOD Account, select My Account from the upper toolbar to view previous orders and to update your account information.