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The Office of Research supports externally funded research, service, and creative activity at Kennesaw State University. The staff provides funding information, technical expertise, and assistance in proposal development and submission. When awards are received, the Office of Research staff assists principal investigators in the administration of their projects.

The Office of Research also ensures that the business interests of the University are protected throughout the operation of externally funded projects. The Office provides accurate and timely financial reports for project directors, maintains auditable records of direct and indirect charges to contracts and grants, prepares fiscal reports required by grantor agencies, and is responsible for billing.

Kennesaw State University Research and Service Foundation

The Kennesaw State University Research and Service Foundation Inc. (KSURSF) is the contracting entity for externally funded projects at Kennesaw State University. KSURSF was incorporated under Georgia law as a nonprofit corporation on September 7, 2005, and was granted 501 ( c ) (3) status on December 20, 2007, with August 29, 2005, as the effective date of exemption. KSURSF serves Kennesaw State University as a University System of Georgia-approved cooperative organization.

The Sponsored Awards Cycle

The Sponsored Award Cycle explains the processes and policies for sponsored awards at Kennesaw State University. Information about the sponsored awards process is organized into these six steps.

Office of Research Directory

The Office of the Vice President for Research is located in the administration wing of Kennesaw Hall, Room 3422.

Dr. Charles Amlaner
Dr. Charles
Vice President for Research

Phone: (470) 578-6738

Dr. Jonathan McMurry
Dr. Jonathan
Associate Vice President for Research

Phone: (470) 578-3238

Ann Vancza
Ann Vancza
Executive Assistant for Vice President for Research

Phone: (470) 578-6738

Jennifer Harb
Jennifer Harb
Administrative Associate

Phone: (470) 578-6046

Office of Research Staff

Awards, IP, & KSURSF Operations

Carolyn Elliott-Farino
Executive Director, Office of Research

Phone: (470) 578-6381

Preaward Services

Natasha Stark
Assistant Director, Preaward Services (Development & Strategy)

Phone: (470) 578-3365

Kelly Millsaps
Kelly Millsaps
Proposal Submission Coordinator & SmartGrant POC

Phone: (470) 578-7800

Post Award Financial / Grants Accounting

Shannon West
Shannon West
Director, KSU Grants and Contracts Accounting

Phone: (470) 578-3377

Anna McCoy
Anna McCoy
Senior KSURSF Accountant, Reporting and Compliance

Phone: (470) 578-6984

Grants Managers

F. Reynolds Brown
F. Reynolds Brown
Grants Manager
College of Science and Mathematics

Phone: (470) 578-7721

Tyler Nicholson
Grants Assistant

Phone: (470) 578-4902

Jan Morain
Jan Morian
Grants Manager

Phone: (470) 578-7720

Conor Lehr
Grants Assistant

Phone: (470) 578-2816

KSU Accounting

Susan Wright
Susan Wright
KSU Project Accounting

Phone: (470) 578-6973

Jane Madani
Jane Madani
KSU Project Accounting

Phone: (470) 578-6974

KSURSF Accounting

Nikki Roux
Nikki Roux
KSURSF Accountant, Client Services

Phone: (470) 578-3637

Allyson Hogan
Allyson Hogan
KSURSF Accountant, Accounts Payable

Phone: (470) 578-7839


Deanna Hendrickson
Director, Research Compliance (IRB)

Phone: (470) 578-2268

Chris Ziegler
Dr. Christine Ziegler
IRB Director & Chair

Phone: (470) 578-6407