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5. Award and Project Management

A. Getting Started

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As soon as possible after notification that a proposal has been approved for funding, the Grants Accountants will create accounts for the award and schedule a meeting with the Principal Investigator(s) to review appropriate regulations and receive budget information for the new award.

Principal Investigator(s) Responsibility

The Principal Investigator’s most important responsibility is to pursue and complete the research, training, or public service described by the funded proposal within the specified time frame. The award document will outline the rules and guidelines that govern the project and specify the required technical and financial reporting. The Principal Investigator(s) must understand the award agreement and execute the work under these guidelines. The PI is also responsible for the programmatic direction of the research project and for initial authorization of all expenditures charged to the award budget. The Principal Investigator is ultimately responsible for making prudent use of the award by ensuring that expenditures are appropriate and directly relate to the budget and intent of the award and comply with applicable University, state, federal, and agency regulations.

Before an externally funded research project is undertaken at Kennesaw State University, the Principal Investigator(s) and Co-Principal Investigator(s) must familiarize themselves with and agree to comply with all applicable policies on issues governing the conditions of the award including:

Intellectual honesty, conflict of interest, and conflict of commitment policies apply to all projects and are covered in detail by Kennesaw State University’s Faculty Handbook Section 7. Regulations governing other issues should be consulted as necessary.

Responsibilities of the Office of Research

The Office of Research has the primary responsibility for providing the Principal Investigator(s) with financial information necessary to manage a sponsored project effectively and to ensure that the project complies with the financial terms of the agreement. The following list covers many of the activities included in that responsibility:

  • Issue invoices to funders
  • Prepare financial reports for the awarding agencies
  • Set up budgets and assign grants numbers
  • Refer the PI(s) to other University offices, as needed
  • Remain current on federal, state, and University policies related to grants
  • Train project directors and staff in research administration regulations and procedures
  • Serve as a liaison with auditors on financial matters
  • Implement approved budget revisions
  • Make all requests for no-cost extensions
  • Review and approve transactions
  • Initiate draw downs for sponsored programs accounts
  • Provide reports for project directors
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