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6. Closeout of Agreements

A. Closeout Process

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Closeout Process

To comply with federal regulations, a formal project closeout consists of the following steps:

In order to explain the closeout process, the Office of Research will contact the Principal Investigator 60 days prior to the end of the project.

The Principal Investigator is responsible for initiating requests for extensions by the funding agency via the Office of Research using the Administrative Action Request Form. Prior to requesting the extension, an assessment of the budget status and the timeframe in which to complete the expenditures should be addressed with the Office of Research. This will help assure that all fiscal matters, including matching, are appropriately considered in the request for an extension.

Accounts will be made inactive after the project termination date. The principal investigator will work with the Office of Research to ensure that all transactions are completed and charged to the accounts prior to the prescribed sponsor deadline.

Programmatic reports due to the funding agency at the close of the grant are the responsibility of the project director.

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