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Center for Regional History and Culture Kennesaw State University

About the Center

The Center for Regional History & Culture

Sponsors programs for the general public, bringing in guest lecturers who are experts on the region.

Serves as a resource for area educators who teach Georgia history, and all teachers interested in integrating local history into the school curriculum.

Maintains a speakers' bureau of KSU faculty associates who will talk to local historical societies or civic groups.

Engages in research on the history of the area.

Web Resources
In time, our website will offer access to oral histories and other primary sources; assistance for public school teachers to incorporate resources and expertise from the Center into their classrooms; an online newsletter with announcements of activities, programs, and other information on local historical societies; and an electronic journal, distributed via e-mail and the World Wide Web to serve local historical societies and the broader community of Northwest Georgia by encouraging and publishing scholarship on the history and culture of the region.


Historical Materials
The Center's oral history program adds to the university's growing collections - the Cobb County Oral History Project, KSU Oral History series (including interviews with faculty, administrators, trustees, and alumni) and the Carpet History Project Oral History Series. The KSU series is available via the KSU Archives website. Please see Tom Scott's website for a list of oral histories available through the Bentley Rare Book Gallery and the Georgia Room of the Cobb County Public Library System. Several interviews with former Bell Aircraft employees and rare photos of the plant are available online at Dr. Scott's website.
The Center also solicits manuscript collections from community members to preserve these resources for present and future historians of Georgia and the South, and strives to coordinate these activities with those of the local historical societies and other archival repositories in the area.

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