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2014 OVPR Grants

Funded Proposals

The Office of Research received 50 applications to the OVPR Grants to Catalyze External Funding Program, requesting a total of $431,591. We made 14 awards totaling $99,555, with an additional $15,000 committed from the Graduate Dean’s summer graduate assistants stipend fund account. Grants were reviewed with the primary underlying criterion of catalyzing new external research funding opportunities at Kennesaw State University. Proposals that were recommended for funding met this criterion the best. Please click on the link above to see the list of this year's awardees.

Thank you to everyone who applied. We had many deserving proposals that went unfunded due to a lack of resources.

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July 2014 Issue



The Summer of Camps at Kennesaw State University

While most students were on summer vacation, KSU offered the opportunity for some students to continue their education just a little bit longer. Read More.


Carolyn's Corner

Why can't I pay my grant assistant what I budgeted for her?

PIs often ask us this question: "I included $$ in my budget to hire someone to work on my grant but HR won't let me pay the new hire that much. Why?" Read More.


Change is coming to NIH

Biosketches, Titles, Unicode, Resubmissions galore!

Big Changes are coming to NIH and eRA Commons. In an effort to make PIs' lives easier (take what you can get!), updates are rolling out to change how you put your best foot forward. Read More.

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