About Us

Kennesaw State University (KSU) began offering on-campus housing in August 2002.  Since then, the housing and residence life program has grown to service approximately 3,500 students in four residential communities. 


We provide a residential experience through collaborative efforts that assist in the holistic development of our students.


Cultivate academic success by engaging students in scholastic achievement and integrating in and out of classroom learning.

Advance opportunities for the personal development of students by providing safe, secure, and well-maintained facilities, promoting healthy living, and focusing on overall well-being.

Provide inclusive communities by helping students understand themselves and others through social responsibility, while celebrating the value of human difference.


Housing & Residence Life seeks to become a premier program through the enrichment of our students’ living and learning experiences.


The Housing and Residence Life program at Kennesaw State University strives to provide students with a safe, healthy and attractive living environment that supports the educational mission of the University. The overall emphasis of the housing and residence life program is to promote life-long learning outside the classroom through social and educational programming, leadership development, and academic support.

Residence Life Organization Chart

Resident Assistants (RAs)

The role of the RA is to be a resource and facilitator for the students living on campus at KSU.  RAs perform this role by getting to know the students in their area, learning their interests, and planning social and education programs that meet their needs.  RAs are responsible for performing administrative tasks and enforcing policies. 

Residence Directors (RDs)

Residence Directors are full-time employees of KSU.  Their role is to oversee community development and supervise the RAs within their respective communities.  RDs also serve as hearing officers. 

Area Coordinators (ACs)

Area Coordinators are full-time, master’s level professional staff members who live in the communities they supervise.  They implement the residence life program and supervise the residence directors in their assigned communities.