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Who is in charge of leasing at KSU, and who handles the programming?
If you live in KSU Place, Austin Residence Complex 100-1100 (formerly University Place), University Village, and University Village Suites and have questions related to your lease and contract, please contact the KSUF Housing Management, LLC office at 770-426-0668 or leasing@ksuhousing.com. If you live in Austin Residence Complex 1200-1400 (formerly University Place), questions related to your lease and contract can be directed to the Department of Residence Life at 770-420-4388 or housing@kennesaw.edu. All questions or concerns regarding maintenance can be directed to KSUF Housing Management, LLC through your Resident Portal account. All questions about programming, student conduct hearings, Residence Hall Association, or other University-related business may be directed to the Department of Residence Life at 770-420-4388 or emailed to reslife@kennesaw.edu.

Am I required to live on campus?
No. Students are not required to live on campus. At this time, all Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate Students are welcome to choose to live on campus or off campus. Please note that on-campus housing is in demand, so we recommend applying as early as possible at www.kennesaw.edu/housing once you have been accepted to the University.

How do I apply for housing?
All the housing applications are done on-line, so you'll need to go to www.kennesaw.edu/housing and click on “Reserve a Room”. You will be instructed to select a process based on your student status, and then you should follow instructions from there. You will also be able to get specific community information from that website.

When do I move in?
Move-in dates are scheduled for the upcoming year and can be found here. Please note that you may not move in earlier than your assigned date and time.

How much does it cost to live on campus?
Listed below are links to the amenities and rates for each Housing Community. Please note that KSUF Housing Management, LLC, in conjunction with the KSU Foundation, handles all housing leases, rent collection, and fees for KSU Place, Austin Residence Complex 100-1100, University Village, and University Village Suites. Austin Residence Complex 1200-1400 leasing, rent collection, and fees are coordinated by Residence Life and the Bursar's Office.
Austin Residence Complex (formerly University Place)
University Village
KSU Place
University Village Suites

Where do I find the meningitis immunization information/waiver?
Please click here for the updated meningitis immunization waiver and applicable information. You can also find it under our “Forms” page. For general questions on immunization requirements, please visit the Health Clinic webpage.

What if I'm not going to be on campus for the entire 50 week contract, but I have signed a contract for 50 weeks?
Once you sign the contract, you have an obligation to pay for 50 weeks. In the event that you have to vacate your apartment, you may find another KSU student to take over your contract. You must check with the housing office first to make these arrangements. If you can't find someone to take over your contract, you should have the housing office "flag" your account so that anyone who is looking for an apartment could consider yours. You are responsible for the payments, however, until you find a KSU student to take over your contract. There is a fee associated with re-assigning your contract to another KSU student. For further information about contract cancellation policies, please contact Residence Life at 770-420-4388 or housing@kennesaw.edu.

Can I drive my car from my apartment to class?
Since you are ON campus, and spaces are needed for commuters, you are limited to parking in the spaces designated for residential students. Rain or shine, you must walk to campus, just as they do on thousands of campuses around the world. Commuter students may not park in residential parking, either. You will be given a sticker that will identify your vehicle as residential, and commuters will be given stickers that identify them as commuters. Tickets will be given, and cars may be towed for those vehicles parked in the wrong place! There are times when open parking is available throughout the campus. For more information about the times when this is the case, please visit the Parking website.

How big is my bed?
Those students living in Austin Residence Complex (formerly University Place), University Village, and KSU Place Buildings A-G have full size beds. Those students living in KSU Place Buildings 100-400, and all University Village Suites residents have twin extra long beds. Please see the full Move-In Checklist for more information on items that are provided, as well as items you will need to bring with you. If you are looking for a place to purchase items please check out www.rhl.org/kns.

Is there a meal plan along with the housing?
A dining plan is available for students in a variety of formats at “The Commons”. For more information about dining plans, visit Culinary Services website at https://financialservices.kennesaw.edu/culinary.

Do I have to be a full-time student to live on campus?
Yes. All students must be enrolled and taking classes at the time they are living on campus (12 hours undergraduate/9 hours graduate). If you are academically dismissed from the University, you will be asked to vacate your room. If you are not taking classes during a semester for any reason, you will be asked to vacate your room. Please note, however, that you are still responsible to fulfill your housing contract obligation. Not taking classes does not mean you get out of your contract. The only exception to this rule is during the Summer, when students who have stayed with us during the regular academic year are allowed to remain in their apartments over the Summer, regardless of whether or not they are taking classes. Exceptions to the full-time enrollment requirement must be appealed to reslife@kennesaw.edu.

Are there rules I must follow to live on campus?
Absolutely! A violation of the Student Code of Conduct or the Residential Code of Conduct could result in your dismissal from housing. As with academic dismissals, dismissals from housing related to disciplinary action do not automatically release you from your contract. You will still have to fulfill your contract. More information is available in the KSU Resident Handbook.

Is housing single-sex or co-ed?
All communities are co-ed within the buildings, but individual units are single gender, even when suitemates are related.  All students have private bedrooms, so shared living space is minimal.  On campus housing recognizes that everyone does not classify themselves along strict lines of gender. With respect to this diversity, special arrangements are available as needed and require authorization from the Director of University Housing and Residence Life or designee.  Please contact the Department of Residence Life for more information at reslife@kennesaw.edu

Is summer housing available?
Summer housing is based on availability. Depending on your circumstances, whether you are interested in only staying for the summer or would like to remain in the residence halls and establish housing for the following academic year, the details will have to be worked out with Kennesaw State University Housing staff. You may contact 770-420-4388.

Is there a program to find roommates for students that plan to live off campus?
KSU does not offer an off-campus housing roommate matching service. You are welcome to use the third party service found on our housing website under Off-Campus Housing?

What is the Residence Life Fee?
All residents pay a Residence Life fee once a year to provide programming and community events for residential students. The Residence Life fee also supports various residence life functions performed by the Residents Assistants, as well as the social components of the living-learning communities. All residents are encouraged to get involved in the Residence Hall Association (RHA) or with their Community Councils and provide input on programs and services offered and how the fee is used. To find out how to get involved with RHA or Community Council, contact kennesawrha@gmail.com.

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