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Neighborhoods of Engaged Student Theme Communities


Honors Residential Community:
When you decide to live in the Honors Residential Community at Kennesaw State, you are choosing to live in a community of dedicated scholars, just like yourself. The honors community, housed in the University Village 5000 building, is a collaborative effort between the Honors Program and the Department of Residence Life.
By residing in this themed living environment, students are able to live with others who thrive on an academically rigorous curriculum. While living together, residents are able to share similar experiences and rely on each other for academic and personal support. Both first-year and upper-class students are able to live in the Honors community.
In the Honors community, our residence halls are truly an extension of the classroom with a dedicated space to study and interact on each floor.  In addition to the relationships you will make with your peers, Residence Life also provides a resident assistant to help you navigate Kennesaw State. KSU recognizes that not all growth takes place in a classroom setting and your RA will be there to assist you in your personal development and college endeavors.

F.Y.R.E. - First-Year Residential Experience
The FYRE (First Year Residential Experience) program is structured to create learning opportunities in the residence halls allowing students to take full advantage of the programs designed to promote a successful transition. FYRE initiatives are unique to the first-year experience at KSU and are designed to complement the many services currently available to these students at KSU. As a result, the FYRE program will be implemented and evaluated on these learning outcomes:

  • Students will develop an awareness of self as it relates to interacting within a diverse residential community.
  • Students will acquire skills that support their development as well-rounded, independent adults and engaged global citizens.
  • Students will identify and develop skills that will support academic achievement and degree attainment.
  • Students will demonstrate the knowledge and value of campus resources, services, and opportunities by utilizing them to aid in a successful transition to the campus community.





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